10 Common Mistakes In UPSC Committed By Aspirants

By | February 1, 2020
10 Common Mistakes Committed By UPSC Aspirants

10 Common  Mistakes Committed By UPSC Aspirants

10 Common Mistakes Committed By UPSC Aspirants

10 Common Mistakes In UPSC

If this is your first time in UPSC CSE exam and do not have enough idea about how to prepare this exam , pay attention here because this article can help you in preparing UPSC CSE in right direction with smart techniques which will not only save your precious time and hard work but also get through this exam.

UPSC exam said to be one of the most competitive exam in the world and you need your preparation up to this level so that you can easily compete with more than 5 lakh aspirants and make your name in the list.

Today i will tell you about 10 most common mistakes committed by New UPSC aspirants while preparing for this exam.

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Unaware Of UPSC CSE Syllabus-

One of the basic reason for most of failure in UPSC exam is the unawareness of UPSC CSE syllabus. UPSC exam has  very vast syllabus but it has also defined its core syllabus for all the papers and it asks questions from around the syllabus .

  • Download complete UPSC CSE syllabus .
  • Read complete UPSC CSE syllabus many times till you are able to memorise it.
  • Get a print of all the topics mentioned in the syllabus as per Paper wise.
  • Pay attention more to the topics while reading Newspaper, Magazines etc.

Do Not Ignore NCERTS Books-

Still UPSC asks questions directly from NCERT books in prelims and mains so you can not ignore NCERTS from the start. Most people ignore these books by saying that they have read these books in schooling days but the facts is how much stuff do you actually remember now..

  • Get all the NCERTS books from 6th to 12th class.
  • You can download them from here FREE.
  • Need not to read these books page by page. Learn skimming.
  • Make notes if possible for you.
  • Best study material for UPSC CSE prelims exam.

Selection Of Wrong Study Material-

10 Common Mistakes In UPSC –It has been found that large number of aspirants fails UPSC exam due to inadequate books or over books . In UPSC exam there is no limit of number of books but you need to be little careful before buying books for UPSC examination.

Books are the most important part of UPSC exam preparation so you can not do any mistake in this part otherwise you may simply lose marks even if you read 1000 books. Here we will tell you the criteria of book selection which is based on personal experience and some IAS toppers advice.

  • Get the complete syllabus of UPSC exam.
  • Buy books which are made for UPSC exam preparation only.
  • Buy those books which are not so fatty (Bulky) . It will very difficult for you to revise such a huge book at the last hour.
  • Try to read less book and focus more on revision.
  • Do not read same topics from more than 2 books .( Save time for other subjects )
  • Read NCERTS for basic knowledge of subjects.
  • Read newspaper smartly.
  • Give your time based on the weightage of the subject in UPSC exam . Do not give equal time to each subject because all the subjects do not carry equal marks in the exam.
  • You can get complete IDEA about UPSC Books Form Here

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Do Not Ignore Previous Year Question Papers-

10 Common Mistakes In UPSC -It is always suggested by toppers that one must solve previous year question papers but still aspirants do not take it seriously and lose marks in exam. Previous year question papers give you an idea about how UPSC asks questions and types of questions .

  • Collect question papers of last 20 years ( at least 10 years ).
  • You can download it FREE From UPSC official website.
  •  Solve these question papers well before prelims & Mains.
  • Focus on writing practice while solving question papers.
  • Try to understand the area of questions asked in previous years.

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Make Notes Well In Advance-

10 Common Mistakes In UPSC –Notes are very important in UPSC examination due to its large syllabus. Some aspirants do not focus on Note Making but most Toppers suggest that note making is very helpful in last time preparation. lets know some of the benefits of note making-

  • Note making make your syllabus small which is helpful in revision .
  • Note making is a good habit which also increase your retaining capacity.
  • By making notes , you also do writing practice which helps you in mains examination.
  • Make sure your notes are full of keywords and precise.
  • Notes are very useful at last hour of your preparation.

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Do Not Ignore Online Preparation-

10 Common Mistakes In UPSC –Many times people say that do not waste time online but it does not mean that you should stop using Internet services for meaning goals. Its now for online preparation, Most of UPSC exam preparation can be done online so utilise this platform for larger benefits.

  • All the current affairs can be done from online website.
  • All the latest Acts Bills passed in parliament can be read online. (PRSindia Website ).
  • Daily current affairs can be done online.
  • Newspaper can be read online .
  • RSTV and AIR news articles can be read ,watched online.
  • Test series are available online .
  • You can do keyword search online. ( for difficult words.)

so there are lots of good stuff available apart from books and one must utilize this opportunity for UPSC preparation.

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Don’t Wait Till Last Hour For Mock Test-

10 Common Mistakes In UPSC –Mock test are very much important for UPSC examination . if you want good score in prelims exam you must try some mock test before going for exam. People wait for last month for test series but this is bad approach, if you have completed your course well in time you should start give mock test so that you can access yourself before exam.

  • Mock test works like mirror for you.
  • They tell you the level of your preparation.
  • Mock test helps you to know your weakness and strong points.
  • Mock test analyse your overall performance so start attempting it well in advance.

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