Best Books For UPSC Prelims Examination.

By | February 1, 2020

Best books For UPSC CSE Preparation-

If you are looking to buy best books for UPSC exam, I can help you. You just need to give me 10 minutes where i will explain you each and everything related UPSC books . I will also tell you the best collection of upsc exam with reason to say that. I can understand that you might have tired of searching best books for upsc exam but still confuse which books to buy and what not. Before I recommend you any book for upsc exam I want to make it very clear that most of these books i have read once or twice during my UPSC preparation . So I can tell you the exact reading experience of these books.

Lets know some facts about UPSC Books.

UPSC syllabus is well-defined so you can estimate the importance of upsc books in this exam. There are lots of good website for UPSC exam preparation but most aspirants prefer Books for IAS exam preparation.  These are some reason why people still prefer books for UPSC exam preparation.

  • UPSC books cover more than 90% of UPSC exam syllabus.
  • Reading from books is more comfortable for eyes than electronic display.
  • There is no complete online source for ias preparation.
  • Reading experience is much better in books than Online.
  • You can not get all the books in PDF format so you have to buy books at the last.

So start with Best books for UPSC Subject wise-

I have seen aspirants get confused when they want select books due to inappropriate display of books. I have tried to make it more comfortable for aspirants to select best upsc books as per subject wise. You just need to scroll down the page and select the subject then books. I have selected best books for each subject.

Why you should read these UPSC Books?

I have many reason to say that these books are one of the best books for upsc exam . Some of the reason which are more logical and trust worthy , given below.

  • These UPSC books are based on UPSC exam syllabus.
  • These UPSC Books are read by hundreds of IAS topper every year.
  • These books are suggested by IAS tooper in their interviews and seminars.
  • The writer of these books are well-known for their work in respective field.
  • Most of IAS questions are coming from these books only. Reference Click here.

Best books for UPSC prelims exam-

UPSC prelims is the first stage of UPSC CSE exam which comprises of two paper. Paper -1 which is known as general studies and paper-2 which is known as CSAT paer. Paper-1 marks are counted for prelims merit list and paper -2 is just for qualifying nature needs 33.33% marks.

Prelims paper -1

As per UPSC syllabus , prelims paper 1 comprises of various subjects ( History, polity, economy, art& culture, environment, science& tech, ecology etc) . So here are best upsc books for various subject which are useful for prelims exam.

Best books for UPSC Indian History-

Indian history is covers major portion of prelims paper 1 and mains exam so here we will provide you best upsc books for prelims and mains separately. Lets start with prelims paper-1  history books.

  1. A Brief History of Modern India – This book is written by Spectrum author and known for its brief explanation. This book covers medieval history of india. This book is a small book and portable , you can carry it anywhere and read there. The best part of this book is that ,this small book covers complete medieval history of india. You will need not to read any other book for this section. So worth buying.

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2. India’s Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947 –This is another very good book for Indian history written by Bipan Chandra. This book covers from 1856 to 1947 and very well explained. Most of aspirants read this book for medieval history. You can read anyone of these books.

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3-India’s Ancient Past– This book is written by RS Sharma which is made for ancient history portion. So you can go for this book for ancient portion only.

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Some more useful books for Indian history-

These are some other books for Indian polity , Indian economy, Indian & world geography and other subjects.



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