Clear IAS Exam In First Attempt -Proven Methods

By | September 5, 2019

Clear IAS  Exam In First Attempt

-IAS exam is one of the toughest exam in India due to its Syllabus and Competition. Cracking IAS exam is a dream for most of the people in our nation. People from all walks of life prepare for this exam and most people make their name in the final list. Your are reading –

 How To Clear IAS Exam In First Attempt-

Power, authority ,and nation Service are some of the common aspiration which attracts young people towards this service. IAS exam is also a childhood dream for most of the young students who later convert it into r.eality 

Qualification For IAS Exam-UPSC-

Before we move ahead here need to know are we eligible for this exam or not ? Here some of the most important Eligibility requirement which must be fulfilled before applying for this exam.

  Age limit And No. Of Attempts

  • Your age must be above 21 year and below 32 year ( Upper age )
  • Upper age limit is relaxed for SC,ST and OBC candidate .
  • OBC candidate –35 years -09 Attepts 
  • SC candidates37 years – No restriction
  • ST candidates37 years-No restriction
  • Physically handicapped42 years No restriction

Educational qualifications

  • Minimum educational requirement is graduation degree from any recognised university or equivalent degree.
  • You will be required to produce your educational proof in the mains exam so you can apply for prelims without showing them your degree. (officially not allowed )

   Some Common Facts About IAS Exam

  • There are more than 10 lakh people who apply for this exam where only 1000 posts are available every year.
  • 12000 aspirants clear prelim and allowed to appear in mains exam as per merit system.
  • Around 3000 aspirants are asked for interview .
  •  around 1000 Aspirants get their post after merit and send to training course.

You will surprised that students from IIts ,IIMs, Doctors apply for this exam and clear it in spite of having such a great career in their respective educational areas. This is only due to the opportunity UPSC exam offers to people to serve nations in multiple areas with lots of experience.And most of them clear ias exam in first attempt .

How To Clear UPSC Exam In First Attempt proven Method 

UPSC exam is divided into 3 main stages

  • Prelims 

  • Mains 

  • Interview


Prelims exam is conducted every year in the month of june where notification is issued around 2 month back.Prelims consists of two papers and your prelims exam merit is based on paper 1 only. paper 2 is just for qualifying nature.

  • Paper 1 which is also called General Studies paper Consists of 100 questions and each question is of 2 marks .
  • Here you have to score high so that your score higher than cutoff marks.
  • The merit is based on this paper only.
  • There is negative marking in prelims both papers.
  • Paper 2 consists of Logical Types of questions ,Maths,English,comprehension etc.
  • Paper 2 is also of 200 marks.
  • You have to score 33.3% marks in paper 2 which is just qualifying nature.
  • Papaer 2 marks are not counted for final merit in prelim so prepare it accordingly.

Prelims is the first stage of this mighty exam where most of the aspirants fail due to multiple mistakes which they made during ias exam preparation and some of them are listed here

How To Clear IAS Exam In First Attempt -Proven Methods

  1.  Unaware about UPSC exam syllabus .
  2. Insufficient time alloted to preparation.
  3. Selection of wrong books ( Study Materials).
  4. Wrong guidance –
  5. Myths about UPSC exam preparation.
  6. Lack of self-confidence.
  7. Preparing without strategy.

There are many more..reaons where people commit mistake and unable to clear prelim exam . here In this website we will tell you each and every mistakes which people make and how to correct it in our coming posts so stay updated.

More than 98% people fails in prelim due to above mentioned reasons . They do not get chance to write even mains exam where actual knowledge and your ability is tested.

So here it is very important to crack IAS prelim at all cost so that you will able to write at least mains and then interview.

  • Once you Clear ias prelim you become one of the 1% people who are called for mains exam.
  • Writing mains is itself a pride as most people study for 6 year or more but unable to clear prelim exam.
  • By writing mains you can get an idea about your preparation and your capabilities.
  • Once you clear IAS mains exam, your success chances are 33% for the final selection.

Here we will tell you how you can crack IAS prelim in your first chance . We will provide you the best book collection for UPSC exam which are easily available online at very affordable price.

You have 12 months for ias pre and 15 months for ias mains so you need more time to focus your optional subjects as well as complete prelims syllabus..

By dedicating good amount of time you can clear UPSC this year. You can read all these below mentioned books for better preparation which are exclusively made for UPSC preparation.

 Most Read Books By IAS Toppers

Click Here For Complete Book List For UPSC Exam- English Medium

Click Here For Complete Book list For UPSC Exam- Hindi Medium

How To Clear IAS Exam In First Attempt proven Methods

There are may IAS toppers who also read all these books and got selected In IAS exam .

Once you got all the required books and study materials ,you need proper guideline so that you can put your hard work in right direction .

  Time Table is Must For IAS Exam preparation

Having a well thought plan for your IAS exam preparation is must .Without a concrete plan your preparation can be direction less which will cause you failure in this exam. there are many people who fail this exam just because they don not know how to prepare this exam and where to start ..So here it is very much important to have your Preparation time-table.

Time table can be different types  and it depends on you .Some of the toppers suggest that you should make time-table on weekly basis and some say about monthly.

But the most important things which all toppers suggest that you should be in position to read whole syllabus of UPSC and enough time to revise it.

As you know most people buy faty books and unable to revise them so they lose marks in the exam . Without revision ,you forget most of your read content its totally natural so revision is must specially in UPSC exam preparation.

UPSC covers almost everything under sun and read everything and memorize is just impossible and UPSC don’t want that too.

So best way to prepare UPSC exam is get all the books based on syllabus and read them multiple times till you are confident .

Most of the questions comes from syllabus in upsc exam and those who prepare it well get selected .

How To Clear IAS Exam In First Attempt proven Methods

You can download the upsc exam syllabus and print out it so that you can memorize it for your exam preparation.

Click here –Download UPSC Exam Syllabus 

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Ias mains is the second stage of upsc exam where around 12000 aspirants compete for 1000 posts. Ias mains consists of 9 papers. All the papers are subjective type where language papers are for qualifying nature.

Essay to general studies and optional marks are counted for your merit list and final 3000 aspirants will be called for IAS Interview.

No negative marking is applicable for mains exam so need not to worry about wrong attempt like in prelims.

It s always suggested that you should try to answer all the question in mains exam to get maximum marks.

UPSC asks questions to test the candidate basic understanding of the concept and analysing ability so that he/she can deal effectively with day-to-day functioning government and public.

  1. Language paper- Any indian language 300 marks ( qualifying nature only)
  2. English language paper – Qualifying nature (300 marks )
  3. Essay paper- 200 marks
  4. General studies paper 1 (250 marks )
  5. General studies paper 2 (250 marks )
  6. General studies paper 3 ( 250 marks )
  7. General studies paper 4 ( 250 marks )
  8. Optional Paper 1 (250 marks )
  9. Optional Paper 2 (250 marks )

Total -1750 marks

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Once you get sufficient marks in the mains exam you are called for interview which is held after 2-3 moth after mains exam so you have enough time to prepare yourself .

There are many mock interview classes in cities if possible you can join them otherwise you can prepare it yourself at home.

the best guide for interview preparation is to be in touch with some one who has already cracked this exam , if not possible you can watch YouTube videos regarding IAS interview so ample information is available online.

Following Things need to be prepared well before IAS Interview

  • Your bio-data related information
  • Your hobby related information.
  • Knowledge related to your home town and any unique information about that particular area. ( Famous facts)
  • Your educational background.
  • Your family background and profession.
  • Current happening all over the world.
  • Current events in our country. ( Burning issues )
  • They ask question related your graduation subjects .
  • They ask some tricky questions which are rarely anticipated.
  • They hardly ask questions which they have asked in your mains exam so need not to read all the stuff again for interview.
  • Better to get some experience form the toppers directly or online through blogs ,video etc.

Keep in mind that single mark in interview can make you IAS topper or make your rank IAS to IPS so prepare well and make your name in the final list.

Interview score -270 marks-

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Tips To Clear Ias Exam In First Attempt-

Here i will tell you how you can crack ias exam in your first attempt .

Though most aspirants who prepare for this exam aim to clear it in their first attempt but most of them failed due to some common mistakes and there are some people who clear IAS exam in thier first attempt .

The main differene between these types of aspirants is the way of their preparation,study material, guidence and little bit luck (those who believe ).

Here i have some key analysis of important areas where people are less focussed during their preparation and lose lots of marks.

Current affairs- It has been observed that upsc is becoming more focussed in current affairs and current happenign related issue . They are asking plenty of questions from this section every year.

If we take exam from 2015 to 2017 they have asked more than 50% of prelims questions directly from current affairs related issue. So the importance of current affairs has become vital for upsc exam.

These are some common mistakes people make in current affairs-

  • They ignore current affairs .
  • They read current affairs on weekends or monthly basis.
  • They depend on coaching material or some specific booklet.
  • They don’t give sufficient time for current affairs.
  • They ignore reading online and wiat for hard copies or offline materials.
  • They are well obessed with some reputed institute booklets.
  • They do not read newspaper daily basis or read it with less focus.
  • They do not make notes for current affairs.

If you are one of those who did same mistake then its high time to re-consider your preparation planning and strtegies so that you do not miss single mark in the exam from current affairs.

Do not have right books and online material-

Books are the mains source of preparation and assume how will be the outcome if you are reading wrong books ?

Due to large syllabus of upsc exam ,its very important to have righ books in right numbers. People buy huge books and their rooms become library but unable to crack ias . They even unable to revise them single time which is the wrost part of any type of preparation.

So my suggestion is that you buy limited number of books which are specifically made for upsc exam .Do not read same topic from more than 2 sources.

It is always best to revise same topic multiple times than read it many time….

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