How To Read Newspaper For UPSC Exam

By | February 1, 2020
how to oread newspaper

how to oread newspaper

how to oread newspaper

How To Read Newspaper For UPSC-

Newspaper reading can be a regular habit most of the people but when we talk about UPSC exam preparation , it matters a lot. Newspaper is one of the best source of information around the world and near by . It has multiple sections which cover almost everything happening in our day-to-day life.

As a UPSC aspirants , we have to study a large syllabus where more than 50 % questions are directly asked from current affairs . Newspaper is the best source to prepare current affairs for this exam so one need to read newspaper regularly with smart reading techniques.

The next important step in newspaper reading is- How to read newspaper for UPSC exam. In this article we will discuss about following things-

  • What are the best newspaper for UPSC exam in english medium.
  • How to read Newspaper for UPSCĀ  Exam.
  • What are the portion to avoid while reading newspaper.
  • How much time one should give for newspaper reading daily.
  • How many newspaper one should read on daily basis.

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What Are The Best Newspaper For UPSC Exam Preparation-

All the newspaper are good for general reading but not for UPSC exam preparation and there are some newspaper which are very useful for UPSC exam preparation.

The HINDU and Indian Express are well-known for its popularity in UPSC Exam preparation so you can choose any one of them. Both the newspaper are read by lakhs of UPSC aspirants daily to prepare current affairs for the exam.

These newspaper are easily available in city but may difficult in remote area and here you can download it from its official website or read it in android app.

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How To Read Newspaper For IAS-

Reading newspaper is an art specially for ias exam preparation. Newspaper contains lots of information including ads which are not relevent to UPSC exam and they should be avoided at all cost to save our precious time. lets figure out some key points about newspaper reading-

  • Read only those news which are relevent to UPSC exam.
  • Do not read multiple newspaper because it will cost you huge ( Time ).
  • You can ignore news like sport , PIN ( person in news ) etc.
  • You can make notes out of it for later .
  • You can save it in offline store like drive , Evernote , pocket app.

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Time Required For Newspaper Reading

There is no hard and fast rule but make sure that you are covering all the important news from newspaper . If you are reading Th Hindu first time , it will take 3 to 4 hour to complete but when you read it daily , your reading time will come down to 2 to 3 hour and less than that.

So once you follow above mentioned tips about newspaper reading you will save a lot of time for other subject studies. So make a habit of reading newspaper daily so that you can able to finish it in time.

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How Many Newspaper One Should Read-

There is no hard and fast rule for this but it is suggested that you should read 1 or 2 newspaper maximum. If you read one newspaper throughly it will be suffice for UPSC exam. The Hindu or Indian express are good newspaper for UPSC exam so you can choose any one of them and start reading.


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