IAS Officer Power :21 IAS Officer Powers Can Make You Join This Service !!

ias officer power
ias officer power

IAS officer power- This article is written specially for those who want to know the real power and responsibility of an IAS officer during her/his different stages of career and posting. No doubt that IAS exam is one of the most difficult exam in India where lakhs of aspirants compete for some hundred posts.

Such a high level of competition for IAS services is because of the power and responsibility assign to this post to perform the duty on day to day basis. You must know that power comes with responsibility . If there is power / authority with you , you are equally responsible for the use and misuse of that power.

IAS officer power and responsibility are one of the important factor which attract best talent in the country to join Indian administrative services.

The IAS officer power are needed specially if you want do something meaningful for the needy people, society and country, these ias power are helpful in doing all that. The scope and area of work of an IAS officer is very large. You will find IAS officer leading almost every filed in the county, most organization , government bodies from the front.

The top official of government bodies are IAS officer, IPS officer and IRS officers so the responsibility is huge that’s why some powers are needed to perform these duties effectively.

Here are some of the IAS officer power and responsibility which are provided to them by law of the nation to perform their duty in transparent manner.

IAS Officer Power-

  1. Normally An IAS officer gets first posting as SDM in tahsil where they have to work for 1-2 years under DM. The promotion policy of IAS officer is vert god among government services, near 80% of IAS officer reach to secretary level post during their career. The top most post in IAS is cabinet Secretary of India.
  2. The constitution of India gives enormous power and responsibility to IAS officer in different stages of their career. The power of IAS officer are explained in law and he/she has to work under these law mentioned in the constitution of India. The law itself provides large number of powers to work fearlessly and in transparent manner.
  3. The mains function of an IAS officer is to collect the revenue , maintain law and order act as magistrate in revenue and criminal courts.
  4. So if you look at the power side of the above function, you can punish to the defaulters who do not follow the rule of regulation as per the law.
  5. An IAS officer has power to form the policies for the people of our country which can change the life of million of people in our country. This is one of the biggest power an IAS officer is given by constitution.
  6. The power and responsibility of an ias officer also change when you get promoted to higher post from SDM to DM, commissioner, secretary etc. The ias power and responsibility increases once you become senior in government departments.
  7. You can make positive change in the society by forming right kind of policy, no other service allows such a high power to its employee.
  8. IAS officer has the power to make very important decision regarding the conduct and relation with other country. The foreign policy formation, signing important treaty ( on behalf of our country ) etc.
  9. IAS officer are the backbone of our nation, nothing can alter without involvement of civil servants. Every big decision are taken only by discussing with experts and IAS officer in our country so you can imagine the role and power of ias officer.
  10. IAS officer duty is to monitor the implementation of government policies and work in the country right from the district.
  11. IAS officer as District Magistrate heads more than 100 committee in a district so naturally all the committee works under the DC.
  12. IAS officer as DM supervise the government works in the district and also punish as per law if found irregularities.
  13. DM is the first person in district to respond anything comes from welcoming to high dignities to disaster management responses.
  14. IAS officer takes a number of meeting with top government officer and staff in a district and direct them in policy implementation.
  15. An IAS officer in district heads the administrative activities .  He/She is the head of disaster management and responsible for quick and effective decision making during any types of disaster.
  16. Apart from the above power, an IAS officer gets very good salary package and lots of (almost FREE facilities)  which makes this service one the attractive and secure government service in the country.
  17. There are lots of perks and advantages associated with ias services which attracts aspirants to join this service. These power and perks are not available even in high paying private jobs so think well before joining ias services.
  18. Some of the facilities given to an IAS officer are – A Vehicle with driver for official use, A furnished house to live at your posting location, a cook to cook the food for you & your family, security at DM level if needed, FREE phone bills for official purposes etc.
  19. These are some of few facilities which are good enough to live a decent life with unparalleled respect for your work.
  20. You will always be respected for your work and as a person in society, you will have very good contact like political leaders, ministers, commissioners, high profile people of varied field.
  21. Your waiting time will be reduced automatically almost everywhere in our country because of your post and profile.  You will get preference whenever you go. This will feel you different from others.

The list of IAS power and responsibility is very long and it will take another 100 or more points to cover in details. The above mentioned list is the outlook of the ias officer power which will suffice to help you in deciding this career for you and motivate you to work hard to get into this service.

The above mentioned ias officer power and responsibility are few to give an idea of the service so that you can get a clear view before joining IAS services. You can imagine the power of a BABU at government office and IAS is the head of all these offices in most of the cases.

These ias officer powers can make you feel happy but the only things which you will enjoy in this service is the opportunity to work in multiple field with full power and responsibility. You can do anything meaningful if you wish to do, this is the rare power and no others than IAS gets in government services.

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