IAS Salary During Training Period- Complete Details (Rs-56100 To Rs-250,000 PM)

IAS Salary During Training Period-

ias salary
ias salary

IAS Full FormIndian Administrative Service is a prestigious Government service in India. There are many aspirants who want to know the ias salary during training period and after posting to various posts under government of India or out side the country.

IAS salary is one of the most searched term in internet after IAS Preparation Guides .Let me give you some information about IAS officer Salary after 7th pay commission.

There are very few people who want join IAS service just because the pay they will get after getting into IAS but having complete knowledge about the IAS service and its financial benefits will help you in choosing right career path for you in time.

Here we have to understand one thing that IAS officer who are class 1 officer are just like other class 1 officer of different govt services like professor, Engineers,scientist, Bank Officer , Police Officer etc.in payment and other monetary benefits.

There are slightly differences in the payment of IAS officer due to the posting of the IAS officer, Deputation, portfolio but the basic pay and allowance are almost same for most of the time comparison to other govt Class 1 officer.


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  • The salary of IAS officer also increase year to year which is 3% annual and on promotion . The DA and other allowance are based on the location of your posting.
  • Suppose if you are posted in class A city, your transport allowance will be much higher than class B city posting. So these small things make little difference in the salary of IAS officer.
  • After 7th Pay commission the IAS salary in 2018 start around RS-56000 and it goes up to Rs 1 lakh after adding other monetary benefits which are DA, transport allowance and other such allowances.
  • So if you are preparing for IAS exam and hopefully clear and join . The salary you will get will be around Rs-56000 which is basic pay ( starting pay as per latest pay matrix ) and some other allowances which i have mentioned above.
  • If you include everything in this salary , you will start earning around Rs-80000 to Rs-100000 per month after joining as IAS officer.

Once you clear UPSC exam with top rank and get IAS post , then you go to training center which located in mussoorie Uttarakhand.  Your salary starts once you start your initial training in Uttarakhand.

ias officer salary
ias officer salary
ias officer salary
ias officer salary
Pay Level 11SP/DMRS-67700+ OTHER ALLOWANCES5- 8 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 12SSP/DMRS-78800+ OTHER ALLOWANCES9 -12 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 13DIGRS-118500+ OTHER ALLOWANCES13-16 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 14IGRS-131100+ OTHER ALLOWANCES16-17 yearSame for other
Pay Level 15ADGRS-144200+ OTHER ALLOWANCES17-24 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 16ASSISTANT CHIEF SECRETARYRS-182200+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 30 yearSame for other
Pay Level 17CHIEF SECRETARYRS-205400+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 33 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 18CABINET SECRETARYRS-250000+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 35 years (approx)Same for other
  • The basic salary of an IAS officer is around Rs-56100 as per 7th pay commission and pay matrix. IAS salary comes in pay level 10 as per 7the pay commission pay matrix.
  • Now the salary of all the government servants are based on the pay matrix which starts from pay level 1 to pay level 18 which is the maximum salary of an IAS officer Rs-250000.00 per month
  • DA– Full form of DA is dearness allowance which is based on the current inflation level at the market and decided by government of India twice in a year.
  • Before 7th pay commission the DA was around 127% but in 7the pay commission it was merged in basic pay and current DA stands at 5% of the basic pay for all the government servants.
  • TA- Full form of TA is transport allowance which is provided to every government servant. IAS officer may not be provided it because they get government transport facility.
  • HRA- House Rent Allowance is the amount of money given to every government servant for accommodation facilities. It vary place to place based on the class of city. the current rate for HRA are 24% for class Z city, 16% for class Y city etc.
  • If we add all of these into a complete ias salary it goes up to Rs-80000 to Rs-90000 per month.

Salary As Per Pay Matrix-

Implementation of 7th pay commission has introduced some new pattern to determine the salary of all the government employee. New salaries of ias officers will be decided as per the pay matrix.

Here is the complete detail of the salary of ias officer as per latest pay matrix and 7the pay commission.

ias salary

IAS Salary During Training Period-

In this article I will try to put some facts about Ias salary during training period in details which can help you to get some basic idea of it.

There are many aspirants who are very interested in knowing the ias officer salary during training period. IAS officer basic training is conducted in mussoorie Uttarakhand where all have to go through training.

Once you clear UPSC CSE exam with top rank and get IAS rank, your next step is to join IAS basic training which is held in mussoorie Uttarakhand.

This is the first stage of training which is very basic in nature and every trainee has to complete their stage of training in mussoorie Uttarakhand.

Once you complete this phase of training , you are routed to different places for further training based on your rank in UPSC CSE.

During ias training period most of the things are FREE of cost or charged at very nominal cost because the need of the trainee is limited. But IAS officer also get some amount of her/his payment on monthly basis.

During training you do not have much option to go out and spend lot of money so this amount is sufficient. The training period of an IAS officer is more focussed on training , study, extra activities and fitness which is also a part of IAS officer training.

The approx salary of ias officer during training period is around Rs-45000 where some small deduction are deducted from this amount. So the final payment to an Ias trainee is approx Rs-30000. This amount is enough to meet your basic need during training.

  • As an IAS training your salary get started when you join training in mussoorie, which is Rs-65100 basic pay according to 7 the pay commission.
  • As per 7the pay commission , the salary of an ias officer has increased from Rs-15600 basic pay to Rs-56100 exclusive of DA, transport allowance, HRA and other benefits.
  • if you add all the benefits given to an IAS officer , the salary of an ias After 7 the pay commission the salary of IAS officer is based on the pay matrix and pay level, the salary of an ias officer comes in the pay level 10 .
  • If you look to the pay matrix of 7the pay commission, you can estimate the total salary of all the government servants,
  • There are some deductions happen in ias training period like mess bill so the actual salary of an ias officer in hand is RS-30,000 to Rs-35000 per month.
  • This amount is not sufficient to meet the need of apaymetrixn IAS during training period , as most of the amount is spent on cold-drinks and fast foods based on the choice of the IAS trainee.

IAS Salary In Hand-

IAS salary in hand is the total amount of money comes in your account per month at the end of the month after all the mandatory deductions.

After 7the pay commission this amount stands around Rs-30,000 to Rs-35000 per month. So if you need more money to spend during period , you have to arrange it from somewhere ( family ,friends etc.)

IAS Salary After 7the Pay Commission-

There was a time when IAS officer basic pay used to be around Rs-15900 per months before 7the pay commission and the total salary was around Rs-60,000 per month.

After 7the pay commission IAS salary is increased from Rs-60000 to Rs-80,000 where basic pay level is increased from Rs-15900 to Rs-56100 per month.

The IAS salary structure after 7th pay commission looks like this-

IAS Salary Per Month-

  • IAS salary stands around Rs-80,000 to Rs-90000 per month salary but it can be increased from this due to your posting location.
  • There are some posting where IAS salary can increase due to the local allowances given to them. So these chances are very few when IAS salary increase.
  • If an IAS officer get posting in foreign countries and international organization like-WHO,WTO,UN,IMF etc their salary increase to new level.
  • In general if the salary of an IAS officer per month does not exceed from the level mentioned in the table. ( We do not include illegal means of earning).

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IAS Salary In A Year-

Annual salary of an IAS officer is the sum of the total salary of the 12th month. Though this is very simple calculation of the monthly salary but it change when you add DA two times in a year. DA which is the only highest multiplying factor of salary makes IAS salary little bit higher than previous month.

  • If you add the salary of ias per month it will be equal to the total monthly earning of IAS officer as per pay slip which count Rs-56100 + DA+other allowances *12.
  • People who are looking for 20 to 30 lakh yearly package will have to look somewhere else because in IAS you are getting only 10 to 12 lakh in the starting .
  • Once your service increase, your payment will increase as per your promotion and posting.
  • The annual pay increase is 3% which is for all the govt servants`so this by adding this increment in ias salary , you can estimate the total increase in IAS monthly salary.

Increase In The Salary Of an IAS Officer.

As I mentioned that there are very few option where IAS salary can be increased from the basic level. The biggest increase in the IAS salary is the DA which is the dearness allowances.

  • DA is based on the government inflation calculation and it regulates two times in a year in the month of the jan and july.
  • Other factor which increase the salary of ias officer is the HRA ( house rent allowance ).
  • The HRA varies city to city and the rates also change. If you are posted in metro city like Delhi you will get HRA 24% where in Lucknow it is only 16%.
  • The posting of IAS officer also affect the salary he/she earn per month. Click here to read the complete HRA policy of govt of India.

What Are The Deduction In The Salary Of An IAS Officer

If we talk about the deduction in ias salary we have to understand that the total salary is the sum of all the payment and allowances . You can say the amount mentioned in the pay slip given to you every month but this is not the actual salary which you get in your bank account.

  • There are two types of salary one is called total salary and other is net salary. Total salary is the amount which we have discussed above but the net salary is the amount which you get in your hand after all the deductions.
  • The main deductions of the salary is the insurance deduction which is automatic and mandatory deduction from your salary. This is around Rs-3000 to Rs-4000 per month.
  • Another big deduction from your salary is the income tax if you do not adjust it well below the taxable limit. To save your income tax, you have to deduct some amount in the from of loan, deposits, SIP etc where you get 100% tax deduction. So the total salary is deducted to 5% to 10% now.
  • There are some small deductions which varies post to post so the if you are getting Rs-80000 as total salary , your deduction will be around Rs-15000 to Rs-30000 . All these deduction are in your favor so you do not lose anything.
  • The remaining is the net salary which you will get in your bank account for your needs. So this is all about the deduction from ias salary and i hope things are much clear now.

IAS Salary, Perk And Other Facilities-

Civil Servants salary and other facilities are also their for an IAS officer. Once you complete your training period and posted to somewhere as SDM, you get lots of facilities along with full monthly payment.

  • The facilities are like a car with government driver, house to live, FREE telephone for official purpose, cook etc.
  • Usually they get minimum of 1 or maximum of 3 vehicle for their official duty.
  • IAS officer get very good house to live in prime location in the city or that area where they are posted.
  • All these facilities are charged at very low amount to them which are near zero so you can call these services FREE to them.
  • There are many more things other than IAS salary which may excite you in this service to join so prepare well for this exam and clear it .
  • The salary of an IAS officer increased considerably from the level of 6th pay commission. Before 7the pay commission , the starting salary of an ias officer was Rs-60000 per month which is now increased to Rs-80,000 per month.
  • The IAS officer also get security guard to look after the security concern of him/her.
  • This is the starting salary of an ias officer on first posting as SDM/ASP, once you become senior in service and you get promoted to higher rank, your salary jumps to new high level.
  • The promotion in IAS are based on the number of service, so you need not to worry about the promotion and benefits.
  • Once you get promoted to higher rank, your other benefits also increase and it goes up to cabinet secretary which is the highest post of an IAS officer in government of India.
  • Study leave is also provided to ias officer for 2-4 year to study in any foreign reputed university, where expanses are borne by government.
  • While travelling to different part of the country , IAS officer get circuit house or other government accommodation to live , this makes easy easy for them to accommodate anywhere in the country.

The salary of cabinet secretary is fixed to Rs-250000 per month as per 7the pay commission.

What Are The Factors Affecting IAS Salary-

There are some factors which affect ias officer salary and also the net salary Though the income of ias officer does not change much but some figure change by changing following things.

When Posting-

The salary of ias officer during training period is much lower than actual salary and the rest of amount is given after first posting to them. Your first posting can affect your salary little bit because of the location of the city.

In india cities are categorized in 3 main types which are class X, Class Y, Class Z. Class X cities are the big cities or metro cities where HRA and TA are higher than class Y and class Z cities. Suppose as per latest pay commission the HRA rate in Class X city is 24% of your basic payment.

If you get your first posting in new Delhi, you will get HRA at the @24% where your course mate will get @16% HRA at Lucknow.

On Foreign Posting-

If you join IFS which Indian Foreign Services  as diplomat your salary will also increase because of the additional allowances you get in that particular country posting.

If you are posting in RAW, CBI, other such agencies and chance to serve nation in high altitude areas, you also get the allowances of that region. So all these small factors affect your salary.

IAS VS Corporate Job Salary-

When we talk about the salary there is always comparison with the private sector job and packages.

Though the IAS job is not comparable to any other service / job in India due to its wide scope of working and large opportunity.

The change you can make as an IAS officer in nation building is unparalleled and can not be compared to any other job.

But monetary term is also important when we compare two job. The income in private sector can be 5 to 10 times higher than IAS .

If an IITian who join a multinational company with 50 lakh per year can never be compared in monetary term with IAS.

A Civil Servant join service with the starting income of Rs-80000 per month where in private sector no limit for the income you can earn in crore but in IAS you never expect to earn crore in legal ways.( forget about other illegal ways).

  • So if you are more interested in Salary than any other things or you are passionate about earning good money which is also good thing, you should not look for any government services.
  • If you are brilliant student , engineer, doctors you can earn manifold in these profession legally than an IAS officer.
  • There are some other things which may be better in IAS like reputation, respect, other comforts , opportunity to do things for human welfare.
  • It is up to you to decide your priorities first than choose IAS as a career.
  • The competition is also very high in IAS exam where more than 99% aspirants fail and the success ration is less than 1%. So think well before jumping into the battle of UPSC exam.

How To Prepare IAS Exam-

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