IAS Syllabus-Download Complete IAS Syllabus

By | January 22, 2020
IAS Syllabus

IAS Syllabus

IAS Syllabus

IAS Syllabus-

UPSC conducts exam for various post like IAS ,IPS, IFS every year and thousands of aspirants who work hard and lucky enough make their name in the list. Due to high competition and less number of vacancies  large number of people wait for next round of exam. There are some people who could not clear this exam because of some small mistakes they commit while preparing for this exam.

UPSC has defined its syllabus for each paper and ask questions mostly from their only. It is well-known that UPSC has very vast syllabus which takes almost 1 year to prepare it well for CSE exam. There are some people who fail this exam even after studying 8 to 10 hours daily. They work hard day and night, prepare notes from everywhere but could not make their name in the final list.

The one biggest reason for their failure is the unawareness of IAS syllabus. They work hard , read so many thing which is not even marked in IAS syllabus. Their complete preparation become directionless and waste valuable time.

So it is strongly recommended that everyone must have complete IAS syllabus before you start your preparation.If you do not have IAS syllabus , you will face following problems

  • Your preparation will be directionless.
  • You will waste your time in reading irrelevant material which is not defined in IAS syllabus.
  • You will add additional weights for yourself.
  • You will not able to revise your complete IAS syllabus.

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How to know what to read for UPSC exam ?

First of all download the complete IAS syllabus from this link and now get a hard copy of this syllabus for further reading. Once you go the hard copy you should start reading this till you memorize it. You can read it daily before you start your preparation so that it can be memorised easily.

Now , you will easily identify what to read in newspaper and what to avoid . When you start reading anything try to match it with the IAS syllabus and link it with. This way you can easily write long and quality answer in the mains examination too.

Download IAS Syllabus Now- Click Here

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What are the books to read for IAS Exam ?

Once you have read and understood complete IAS syllabus your next step is to identify right books for IAS exam. There are thousands of books in the market and you will be confused while selecting these books for your exam. Some books are very fat contains 1000 to 1500 pages so we should try to avoid these types of books because-

  • These books are noble types books , not made for ias exam.
  • These books are very fat and hard to revise even if you able to read them.
  • You can choose them for your optional only if you have enough time before exam.

So buying medium books for UPSC exam is wise choice as you have to revise them many times before exam then only you will able to write quality answer.

To make your work easily and save your precious time in searching these books in market, we have done some hard work for you and brought a list of best book list of IAS exam .

Get complete books for IAS exam –Click here

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Why these books only ?

These books are read by most IAS topper every year and they have suggested these books based on their multiple reading experience and their selection in IAS top rank.

The publisher and write of these books are well-known for their huge experience and reputation. More than lakhs aspirants read these books every year and clear this exam.

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Importance Of NCERT books in UPSC Exam ?

NCERTS are the basic and fundamental books for UPSC CSE exam preparation and play wide role in prelims . Every year UPSC asks questions directly from NCERT books in prelims exam. You will come across 5 to 7 questions directly from NCERT in prelims every year. So we can not ignore NCERTS for UPSC exam preparation.

There is no hard and fast rule about how much we should read these books but make sure that you are covering whole syllabus of UPSC exam .The best way to read NCERT is to collect all  the NCERTS from class 6th to class 12th and start reading them.

It is advisable here that you should finish these books before you start reading actual books for IAS exam. People also confused between new and old . You can read any one which is possible for you to arrange in easy .

If you don not want to buy NCERT from the market you can download from this link free of cost and start reading it offline.

Click here for download NCERT books FREE- Download Link

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How to make notes from NCERT books From IAS point of View ?

NCERT books are huge we start counting from class 6th to 12th  and it is not possible for us to revise them quickly in the exam time. So we make note from them to make it easy for us in the mean time. The best way to make note from NCERT is -start making note just after you finish you last chapter.

Once you finish one chapter and start make note or summarize is in few paragraph or few lines. This is how you can make note effectively. if you will wait for making note you will end up so much task for you .

You can make digital note for you if you are reading in PDF format just by using app like POCKET , EVERNOTE etc. You just need any one of these app and start making note in digitized format.

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How to read NCERT from IAS syllabus Point of view ?

NCERT are the basic books but you should also avoid reading very basic stuff which you already know. There are some chapters in each books which are very basic in nature so you can skip them or have a glance over them. But the important thing is that you should always focus on IAS syllabus. When you are reading books like Biology make sure that you do not read whole biology books . Read only which is defined in IAS syllabus.

IAS syllabus is well defined and you can copy whole IAS syllabus in hard copy then select what to read and what to avoid in NCERT books. There are some books in NCERT like history which are very important for prelims and mains and you should read them from beginning to end.

How to read Newspaper from IAS syllabus point of view ?

Newspaper is the best source of current affairs in UPSC exam and large number of questions are asked in prelims and mains from newspaper. You can subscribe any one newspaper for IAS exam and start reading it religiously.While reading newspaper make sure that you only read information , news which is relevant to IAS syllabus and useful for UPSC exam preparation.

Newspaper consists lots of information which looks interesting in reading but may not be useful for IAS exam so we miss the main idea of reading newspaper .You can read this article on how to read newspaper for IAS exam too which can help you in reading newspaper in more focussed approach for IAS exam.

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