Indian And World Geography Books For UPSC Exam.

By | February 1, 2020

Books are the best study material of ias preparation in UPSC civil service exam. Indian and world geography books are the most searched books on internet because of huge demand in the market. This article is about best books for indian and world geography books for ias exam.

we will also know how to select best books for Indian and world geography which will cover upsc prelims and mains exam. Market is full of books and it becomes very confusing if you are new in this examination.To select the right books for upsc exam is the key to success.

Indian And World Geography Books

Geography is one of the most loved subject in UPSC exam, large number of aspirants choose Geography as optional subject in ias mains exam. Indian and world geography is also covered in IAS prelims paper 01 also. The prelims question paper -01 comes with 10 to 15 question on geography itself.

In UPSC Prelims exam , you have to read Indian as well as World geography to clear it so the importance of Indian and world geography books in Prelims and mains exam is huge.

General Studies paper 01 also cover Indian and world geography syllabus and 5-7 questions are expected in this paper, so the important of Indian and world geography is much higher than we assume.

The big question is how to prepare Indian and world geography for both prelims and mains exam in less time. The indian and world geography books are the best tool for preparation.

The only thing is to select right kind of books for each subject and read it. There are also some good online websites which can help you in preparing indian and world geography subject.

Books For Indian Geography Subject-

I have made a comprehensive list of Indian and world geography books for both prelims and mains exam though all the books are not recommended to read so that you can buy each books from every segment. All the books are well read and suggested by IAS topper every year so you can select based on your choice.

1-Physical Geography Book By G C Leong.

  1. This is one of the best book on physical geography ever written.
  2. This book covers all the basic physical geography concept in very easy way.
  3. We strongly recommend to buy this book for geography subject.
  4. One must read this book for prelims exam to clear basic concept clear.

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2- Indian geography by Majid Husain-

  1. The book is published in Mac Graw Hill Publication which is leading book publisher in India.
  2. This book is an established manual on the subject by Majid Husain and is a bestseller in the segment.
  3. This book covers Indian geography and well-defined the topics .
  4. You can read this book for IAS prelims exam which will cover all the UPSC syllabus topics .
  5. Before reading this book you can read 6th to 12th class NCERT books of Geography subject to understand it better.
  6. This book is also useful for Mains exam.

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3-Geography Through Maps by K.Siddhartha.

  1. Geography subject can be better understand by reading maps and this book does the same for us.
  2. This book has maps which explain better than a paragraph and easy to memorize.
  3. This book is also helpful in geography optional and mains exam.
  4. In mains exam 2-3 questions are asked in the MAP format so very useful book for UPSC exam and worth buying.

Geography through maps

4-Atlas For geography The Orient Blackswan School Atlas with CD

  1. Geography without maps is nothing , so you need to buy any one good maps books.
  2. Orient Blackswan School Atlas is most used atlas for upsc exam by ias aspirants.
  3. If you read by maps , your concept become very much clear .

The Orient Blackswan School Atlas with CD

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5- Oxford Atlas for UPSC Exam-

  1. Another good atlas for upsc exam preparation.
  2. You can either buy Oxford or orient blackswan school atlas.
  3. Some prefer Oxford atlas over orient but both the atlas are worth buying for upsc preparation.

oxford atlas for india

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6-India: A Comprehensive Geography.

  1. This one of the best book written in Indian geography by D R khullar.
  2. This book is very detailed , if you are interested in reading Indian geography deeply this book will fulfil your need.
  3. If you have Geography optional then you should go for this book.

7-Geography of Indian By Majid Hussain ( Mac Grew Hill Publication )

  1. Another book by Majid husain for Indian Geography which is published by MC graw publication.
  2. This the 6th edition which is very well written and systematically ordered.
  3. Very useful book for Indian Geography.

Geography of Indian By Majid Hussain

8-World Geography By D R khullar ( Mains Exam )

  1. This book covers world geography portion of GS paper 1.
  2. Written by D R Khullar and published by access publication house.

World Geography By D R khullar

All the above books are useful for Indian and world geography subject for prelims as well as mains exam. You can choose any good book from them, no need to buy same book book again . UPSC exam preparation need complete knowledge of Indian and world geography topics mentioned in UPSC syllabus so above mentioned books are useful in geography preparation.

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