UPSC Exam Books-Top 5 Indian Polity Books For IAS Exam

By | February 1, 2020

Indian Polity Books-

Indian polity books are one of the most important books in UPSC exam to score good marks in prelims and mains.In India polity books we study about Indian constitution , polity, administration, parliament, state machinery and its functions.  We also study about the political system of our country, constitutional bodies, government and its working in details.

The Indian polity books cover large part of the Prelims paper -01 and Mains exam paper-02. In prelims paper -01 , you can expect 10-20 questions directly from indian polity section or 20% questions Approx. If you prepare this subject smartly , you not only score good marks in UPSC prelims exam but also clear prelims stage.

Indian polity is one of the easiest subject to study and score good marks only if you read right kind of books in right number. UPSC has defined indian polity subject syllabus for prelims and mains exam in details so you can follow the UPSC syllabus to study polity in organised way.

Here is the list of top 5 Indian polity books which are very useful for every UPSC aspirants to cover entire Indian polity syllabus. All the books are well written by reputed authors , read by hundreds of IAS topper for last some years so you can read this book for prelims & mains exam.

5 Best Books For Indian Polity-

1- Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth-

indian polity books

indian polity by laxmikanth

1-This book is written by m laxmikanth , a well know author , this books is one of the best selling book for Indian polity for UPSC exam ( prelims & mains ).

2-The content of this book are systematically written in such a sequence that you can remember all the topics easily. You just need one month time to read this book completely ( 6-8 hour daily) for UPSC exam.

3- You need not to make notes from this book because this book is itself like a perfect note. You will enjoy reading this book.

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2-Indian Polity By DD Basu.

indian polity books

Indian polity by DD basu

1-Indian polity by DD Basu is a descriptive type book for polity subject.

2-This book has more than 600 pages which is good for those who has enough time to prepare for UPSC exam and those who want to study indian polity in much deeper level.

3-This book is one of the most trusted book in UPSC exam in polity subjects.

4-The content of the book are very informative and explain almost everything related to Indian polity subject. You can read its latest version where new chapters are included.

5-This book cover complete UPSC polity syllabus so you need not to read any other book for this section. if we compare with previous book, laxmikant book on indian polity is more popular.

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3-Indian Governance By M Laxmikanth.

1-This is another wonderful book by M laxmikanth for Indian Polity & governance subject. This book contains everything about Indian Polity , Governance, constitution , Government bodies etc in details.

2- ALl the topics are well explained in details and this book is very useful for UPSC mains exam. This book is descriptive type where every topics are explained in details.

3-You can read this book along with Indian polity book by Laxmikanth , after that you need not read any more books for Indian polity & governance subject.

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indian polity books

4-Constitution Of India By M Laxmikanth.

1-All the books written by M laxmikanth are very useful for UPSC examination and constitution of India is one of them. This book cover compete Constitution of India in details.

2- This book is written to explain all the basics of Constitution of India and very useful for Prelims Paper-01 and Mains Paper 2 (GS) .

3-This book can be supplementary with Indian Polity book by M laxmikanth to make polity subject more strong for prelims & mains exam.

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indian polity books

5-The Constitutional Framework and Issues related to Governance, Development and Social Justice-Spectrum Pub.

1-This book is published by Spectrum Publication which is leading Publisher for UPSC exam books. This book covers topics like Indian constitution , Governance, Development , Social justice.

2- All the above mentioned topics are part of UPSC syllabus for Prelims & mains exam paper -02. This book covers all the syllabus for Indian Polity In details. ( either you can read Indian Polity By M laxmikanth or This Book.)

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indian polity books

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