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By | January 22, 2020

1- IPS Exam Details-

The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service and IPS is one of the all India level service. IPS exam is conducted by Union Public Service commission every year. IPS is one of the most loved service by Indian youth who want serve country as an IPS officer.

IPS officers not only lead the police service in out country but also they get chance to work in various government service like IB, RAW, CBI etc. It is also one of the most challenging service in India due to nature of its duty.

2-How To Become An IPS Officer ?

The IPS exam process is divided into three stages which are popularly knows as Prelims, Mains and Interview. Initially you have to choose the option of IPS when you fill-up the form after prelims exam.

Then if you get good rank in the UPSC exam in your category, you will be assigned your choice service which you select while filling the form.

The competition for UPSC exam is very high as every year lakhs of aspirants apply for this exam for some hundred seats. If you are passionate about IPS service and work hard, chances are high that you can clear it.

To become IPS officer you have to clear UPSC CSE exam with high rank which is around top 150 to 250 . After that you have to pass all the physical test and other required test to get IPS service.

As an IPS officer you will get wide opportunity to service the nation in multiple organization like- RAW, IB,CBI and other security posts. So choosing IPS job is adventures and challenging.

3-IPS Exam Pattern-

The IPS exam pattern is divided in three stages as we have already mentioned. All the three stages have to be cleared individually to crack this exam. Once you clear all the stages, then the final merit will decide the future of the aspirants.

Prelims Exam

Prelims is the first stage which is qualifying in nature. This paper is objective in nature and negative marking is also applicable. Prelims paper has two paper which are known as General Studies paper-2 and CSAT.

General Studies paper 1 carry 100 objective questions and 200 marks. All the question has multiple type answers. you will be given 4 possible answers and one answer is will be correct.

You have to tick one answer only which is most near to be correct. General studies paper 1 marks will be counted for prelims merit. So try to tick most of your questions correct.

Prelims PaperQuestionsMarksTimeRemarks
Prelims Paper -011002003 hoursCounted for Merit
Prelims Paper-02 ( CSAT)802003 hoursJust Qaulifying

Where CSAT paper is also objective in nature and its marks are not counted for prelims merit. You just need to qualify this paper to pass the prelims exam.

4-IPS Exam Eligibility / Qualification-

Next important step is to know if we are eligible for this exam or not ? UPSC issues notification every year in the months of Jan-Feb about qualification for UPSC CSE exam which can be read/download from UPSC Official website.

Though all the eligibility criteria is same but it advised to visit UPSC official website for more clarity. Let’s have a look on the following qualification details-

5-Educational Qualification to Become An IPS officer-

Graduation degree is must for UPSC CSE exam so you apply for this exam after completion of graduation from any recognized university. So let’s have a look on the following details

  • You must have a degree from a Central, State or Deemed university.
  • A degree received through correspondence or distance education
  • A degree from an open university
  • A qualification recognized by the Government of India as being equivalent to graduation or above.

6-Age Limit to become IPS officer-

The minimum age limit for UPSC CSE IPS exam is 21 years but there is some difference in upper age limit for various category general, SC, ST OBC, PH J&K Residents.

CategoryUPSC Age LimtNo. of AttemptQualification
Genaral32 years06Degree From University.
SC/ST32+5 years No limit.Degree From University.
OBC32+3 years06+3 =9Degree From University.
ex-service man with 5 years minimum service.G-37,OBC-40,SC/ST-42.Based on Category (mentioned above)Degree From University.
Handicaps, Blind etc.32+10 YearsGen & OBC ( 9 attempts )Degree From University.
j&K resident.G-37, OBC-40.ST/SC-42, PH-50 yearsTill the age limit.Degree From University.
Dis-abled service man.G-37,ST/SC-40. OBC-38 years,Based on the category ( mentioned above )Degree From University.

7-Physical Fitness For IPS officer-

IPS ( Indian Police Service ) requires high standard of physical fitness due its job profile and working culture. A police officer play very crucial role in the maintenance of Law and Order in the state . IPS officers are posted in various high security posts in IB, CBI, RAW etc.


Male-165 cm [For ST (except SC/ OBC) – 160 cm]

Female-150 cm [For ST (except SC/ OBC)- 145 cm]


Male-Minimum 84 cm. Expansion 5 cm

Female-Min 79 cm expansion 5 cm


Male-6/6 or 6/9 distant vision for good eye

Female-6/12 or 6/9 .

8-Work Details Of IPS officer-

IPS is all india service so you can be posted to anywhere in India in various post like DSP, SP , DG, IG etc which are based on service and seniority . The life of an IPS officer is challenging because you they have to deal with different types situation , maintain law and order , investigate criminal cases , Intelligence , Security and much more.

You also get chance to serve in following organizations.

  • Intelligence bureau (IB)
  • Research and analysis wing (RAW )
  • Central bureau of investigation (CBI )
  • National investigation agency (NIA)

9-How To Apply For IPS Exam ?

If you want become IPS officer , you should know how to apply for this exam and when the notification of IPS officer is issued , exam date for IPS officer etc.

You may be very familiar to UPSC examination which start in the months of june and ends upto December. The notification of IPS exam is issued in the month of February and expire in march.

So once the notification of UPSC CSE exams are announced , you have to visit its official website and fill-up the application for from there.

The IPS application form is divided into two format- The first application ask details of you and your family member and in second part you have to add your photo &signature and payment of FEE.

If you belong and category other than general, you can check the FEE option and you may not pay FEE if you claim reservation on the basis of your category.

Once you fill all the required details of you, your family, address etc, you get a registration number which can be used to download UPSC admit card later.

Some other useful links for the Exam-

  1. UPSC Govt Website
  2. Apply for UPSC Exam-
  3. Useful website for UPSC IPS exam preparation.

10-How to prepare for IPS exam ?

If you want to become IPS officer you have to prepare this exam seriously .Preparing for IPS exam is another important step where you will know all the preparation related guidelines. Any exam needs strong preparation and IPS exam is no exceptional .Due to high competition in UPSC exam , you have to be very particular about each step mentioned here .

IPS exam preparation start with knowing complete IPS syllabus , important books to read , mock test , note making process, answer-writing practice etc. All of these points are covered well in this article so that you need not to search these terms anymore.

11-What are the subject for IPS exam ?

As we know UPSC ask questions from various subjects which include history, geography, polity, science, economy, art &culture, ecology, technology etc. You will have to read various subjects for IPS exam but there is one optional subject in the mains exam. Here you have choice of optional subject which is of two paper and 500 marks. Read this article for how to choose optional for UPSC exam.

In prelims exam UPSC asks objective question only where in mains exam questions are of descriptive nature. In prelims paper one , you are asked questions from indian polity, history, geography, economy, current affairs and environment etc. In paper 2 which know as CSAT , questions are asked form english language, reasoning, maths and other relative subject. Paper 2 is just qualifying nature so you have to score only 33.33% marks in that to clear prelims. Paper 1 in prelims is deciding for prelims exam , your selection for mains exam will be based on prelims paper 1 marks cut-off only.

12-IPS Prelims exam syllabus-

IPS prelims syllabus cover almost all the subjects including history , geography , science etc. It is said that UPSC asks almost everything under the sun so you will have to prepare it from different source offline and online . Let’s have complete syllabus of IPS Prelims exam- Download It Now.

  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.
  • Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
  • Economic and Social Development Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.
  • General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialization.
  • General Science.

13-IPS exam Prelims Books-

Books are still best source for UPSC Exam preparation and to become an IPS officer. IPS Books constitute more than 70% of study material. There are hundreds of books written on single subject but you are advised to read one or two books for each subject to prepare UPSC exam.

Book selection is very crucial in UPSC IPS exam preparation because lots of aspirants could not clear this exam due to wrong selection of books. There are few points which can help you in finding right books for UPSC Exam Preparation. These books are really help you to become an IPS officer.

  • Buy books based on UPSC Exam syllabus.
  • Buy Books which are exclusively made for UPSC exam only.
  • Give preference to Reputed Authors and Publisher.
  • Do not buy very thick books ( Bulky Books) because it will be difficult in revision.
  • Do not read many books for single subjects. ( it will affect your revision).

Find the complete book list for IPS exam Click Here

14-IPS Mains Exam-

How To Become IPS Officer-Once you clear IPS prelims exam the next step is mains exam which will marks will be counted for final merit list so you need to perform well in this exam so that you can sure for the success. Mains exam consists of 9 papers.

  1. Essay- Marks counted for mains.  250
  2. English language-Qualifying nature.
  3. Indian Language-Qualifying nature.
  4. General studies paper -01 Marks counted for mains. 250
  5. General studies paper -02 Marks counted for mains.250
  6. General Studies paper -03 Marks counted for mains. 250
  7. General studies paper -04 Marks counted for mains. 250
  8. Optional Paper -01 Marks-250
  9. Optional Paper-02 Marks-250
  10. Interview-Marks-275

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15-IPS Mains Syllabus-

IPS mains syllabus is very wide so it is better to get hold of a hard copy of IPS syllabus for daily reference so that you do not miss single topic of the syllabus.

IPS syllabus is must to prepare it well and without knowing complete syllabus your preparation can be directionless which will not serve your purpose at all. So download complete UPSC IPS syllabus from the given link and start preparing in right way.

Click here- UPSC CSE IPS Exam syllabus

16-IPS Mains Books-

As i mentioned that books are the best and most important study material for any exam preparation specially for UPSC CSE exam. There are very good books in the market which can help you in getting high marks in the exam but the only thing is the selection of right books for mains exam.

Once you got the right books , your first step is complete now you have to work hard and start preparing with full mind and enthusiasm.

Here we will make your work little easy in selection of right books for UPSC Mains exam. These books are based on the IAS, IPS topper advice and personal experience.

There books are read by lakhs of aspirants every year and cleared this exam. So you can trust these books. The author and publisher of these books are well reputed in this field who have very large experience of UPSC Exam .

Click here -Complete Book list for UPSC Mains Exam.

17-IPS Interview-

How to become IPS Officer-Once you have cleared mains exam and asked  for personality test. Here your chance of success is much higher because UPSC select around 1000 top aspirants out of around 3000 so your success probability is 1/3 .

Once you give interview then your mains and interview marks will be counted for final merit and top aspirants are selected for final posts .

Join YouTube Channel For UPSC Exam –

18-Note making for IPS exam ?

As we know note making is very much required in IPS exam preparation and without note making it becomes very difficult to revise complete syllabus at the last time. UPSC IPS syllabus is vast and you can not memorize everything so note play important role here.Let’s find out how note making will help you to become IPS officer.

By making good notes, you not only memorize things better but also prepare revision material for last hour. Notes are handy so you can revise them anywhere , you can carry them with you and revise anytime. Making notes while preparation will take some extra time but it will save your time in the last time , just before your exam.

if you do not make notes , you will never able to revise your complete syllabus just before the exam. By making notes ,you can easily revise the complete syllabus in hours.

There are some tips while making note for ips exam-

  1. While making notes make sure that you make note for only those topics which are difficult to prepare.
  2. Your notes should be in keywords , not in paragraph.
  3. Your notes length should be 1/10 of the paragraph, otherwise you will not able to revise them later.
  4. Your notes can be colourful, colourful notes are easy to memorize.
  5. You can use mind maps to make notes for ips exam preparation.
  6. Sticky notes are also useful .

19-Importance of Newspaper in IPS exam preparation.

If you want to become IPS officer , you have to start reading newspaper daily !! You may have heard that Newspaper is must for UPSC exam but the reason for reading newspaper for UPSC exam.No one explained ? Here i will tell you the importance of newspaper for IPS exam-

Year by year UPSC is shifting its question base from traditional question to current affairs base questions. Newspaper which is the best and most reliable source of current affairs cover wide area of current affairs for UPSC exam. There are some good english newspaper (The Hindu , Indian express ) for UPSC exam preparation. It has been observed that more than 30 to 40 questions in prelims paper are coming from these sources. So you can not lose these marks simply by ignoring newspaper.

The importance of newspaper becomes more in IPS mains exam. UPSC IPS mains exam is more about analysing the concept, having the basic understanding of the subjects etc. By reading newspaper daily you can develop all these qualities and write mains in better way. You can read this article How to read newspaper for upsc exam for more details.

20-Salary of an IPS officer-

If you want to join IPS and become IPS officer , it’s very natural that some of you want to know the salary and other facility . So here i will tell you each and every thing which is given to an ips officer in term of perk and benefits.

A new ips officer who just passed out from academy gets basic salary of Rs-56100, DA, TA and some other allowances.

Pay Level 11SP/DMRS-67700+ OTHER ALLOWANCES5- 8 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 12SSP/DMRS-78800+ OTHER ALLOWANCES9 -12 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 13DIGRS-118500+ OTHER ALLOWANCES13-16 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 14IGRS-131100+ OTHER ALLOWANCES16-17 yearSame for other
Pay Level 15ADGRS-144200+ OTHER ALLOWANCES17-24 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 16ASSISTANT CHIEF SECRETARYRS-182200+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 30 yearSame for other
Pay Level 17CHIEF SECRETARYRS-205400+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 33 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 18CABINET SECRETARYRS-250000+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 35 years (approx)Same for other

If we add all these monetary value, the total salary of an ips officer will be around Rs-80,000 to Rs-1 lakh per month.( these are estimates as per 7th pay commission or pay matrix ).

As we know IPS and other group A officer start their basic salary level 10 so their salary increases once they get promoted or increasing length of service.

Apart from these benefits an IPS officer other benefits also which makes IPS job one of the most liked job for Young Aspirants.

IPS Officer Salary Per Month-

The salary of an IPS officer per month is the sum of all the monetary benefits given to her which stands around Rs-80,000 rupees.

The monthly salary of an IPS officer comprises of basic salary, DA, TA and other allowances.

So if you add all these benefits you earn approx one lakh per month in the starting stage of your service.

21-How do I prepare for IPS at home?

IPS exam preparation can be done completely from home. There was a time when people did not have access to good books, right guidance, mentor , and other useful information but time has completely changed now.

You need not to go delhi , Bangalore to join any coaching classes , everything can be accessed from home .

You just need internet connection and a laptop / smart phone which can be available in most part of India. Read how to clear UPSC IPS exam without coaching.

You can follow this blog for UPSC related guide ,article and useful information, we have our youtbe channel , you can  subscribe it from here. 

You can read article how to clear UPSC exam from villagee to know the ways and techniques for UPSC preparation from remote / village area.

22-What is the role of an IPS officer?

The role of an IPS officer is very important in maintaining law and order in the city, the IPS officer is appointed as a DSP in the city in initial stage of the service so he has to lead the police in city in major events after SP.

SP (superintendent of police ) is the head of the police force in the city.An IPS officer heads the team of police in investigation important cases , and direct other lower police officer to solve the criminal cases .

The duty of police is to provide safety and security to the public at the same time they have to do many more task .

An IPS officer leads the team in most of the cases where the matter is of serious nature or urgent nature.

You might have seen IPS officer in maintaining law and order when such requirement is needed.

The work profile of an IPS officer is very inspiring specially to young people who want serve the nation in police uniform that’s why most of the people make IPS officer their idea in life.

23-How to become an IPS officer after 12th class-

There are many school students who want become an IPS officer just after passing the 12th exam.

But some of them are not well aware about the IPS exam eligibility , Age limit , Qualification and other required terms.

So I decided to explain you each and everything about IPS exam process and how you can become an IPS officer.

IPS officer’s are role model for most of the youths in our country, the power and responsibility an IPS officer carries with him makes this job very attractive for young minds.

Those who want to serve the nation by joining IPS, this post will make you understand about all the aspect of IPS job and life of an IPS officer.

Can you apply for IPS officer after 12th ?

The basic educational qualification to become an IPS officer is graduation degree from any recognized university.

So if you are just 12th pass , you have to take admission in college and get graduation degree then you can apply for this post.

I think i have cleared your doubt about the main question .If you already have passed graduation you can apply for IPS post through UPSC website.

UPSC which is union public service commission conducts civil services exam every year which starts in the months of june and ends in december.

How to become an ips officer 12th in first attempt?

Clearing IPS exam in first attempt is goal for most of the aspirants but it takes hard work and focussed approach towards this exam.

You can clear IPS exam in one year if you follow the right approach , right kind of UPSC books, right kind of guidance with well planned time-table.

As you know UPSC exam is one of the most difficult exam in India and you need to prepare for it by following some of the basic rule suggested by UPSC Toppers and exyerts who are guiding aspirants since last 15 to 20 years. These rules are given below so try to note them down for future reference.

  • Make your mind for this exam and start preparing with full dedication.
  • Read NCERT of class 9th to 12th .( specially science and social science ).
  • Read Best books for UPSC exam.
  • Make good notes for UPSC exam.
  • Try to give at least 5 to 7 hours daily to complete UPSC syllabus.
  • Read Compete UPSC syllabus/IPS syllabus and make a hard copy of it and memorize.
  • Give sufficient mock test before exam.

By following these steps , you have done half of your preparation and your success chances increase manifold.

There are large number of aspirants who fail in this exam because they are not aware about the actual process of exam.

IPS exam takes around one year in completion and you have to study hard and for longer hours to make your name in the final list.

How to prepare for IPS exam while studying in 12th class?

There are many interesting questions in internet about how one can start preparing for IPS exam from 12th class.

Though IPS exam needed graduation as basic educational qualification but you can start preparing from 12th class too.

Here you need to keep in mind few things that you have at lest 3 year before you actually eligible for IPS exam so you need not to give 4 to 5 hours for IPS exam preparation

but you can prepare all the basic books some of them you are reading in class and some of them you will read in graduation.

People who want to become an IPS officer after doing their graduation have to read NCERT again because they have almost forgot most of the stuff of NCERT class 6th to 12th.

Here you have advantage that you are already aware about the importance of NCERT and you can start reading them now to save your time then.

So start reading your basic books ( class 6th to 12th ) and prepare note if you have enough time but do not compromise with your classroom study, home work etc.

Always keep in mind that you have to be eligible before you apply of this exam.You can also improve your communication skills and writing skills which are needed in IPS exam preparation, you can improve your reading habit like – Reading good newspaper daily is one of them.

All these small practices will definitely make you ahead than others while you actually prepare for IPS exam.

If you are at your graduation , this is the best time to make use of extra time and devote it towards IPS exam preparation. you can work on your weakness and improve them well in time.

If you are in your final year of graduation , you can apply for IPS exam so make a well thought time-table and include all the subject proportionally and follow it with honesty.

At the last , do not ignore your schooling education ,exams, tuitions and other classes for the preparation of IPS exam now.

Its time to complete your basic education first and then apply for this exam. it is always better if you prepare any exam well in time but do things based on your priorities.

There are people who clear IPS exam after doing jobs for 5 years , 8 years so you are never late .UPSC allows you to write IPS exam up to 40 years and more .

Here are some other useful Article for you which will help you to understand the IPS job and its associated terms so let’s have a look on these links –

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