Do You Need Notes To Crack IAS Exam In 2019-20 ? Read Carefully !

What Is Note Making For UPSC Exam?

In note making, we reduce the total length of the paragraph in smaller sentence where we include important keywords, phrases. The meaning of the paragraph remain same even after we reduce the word count to 1/10 of the original paragraph.

Why do we need notes ?

Memorizing long paragraph is bit difficult than small sentences. Sometime we have to memorize some paragraph and understand the meaning in less time. We use note making process to do this effectively. In note making we reduce word limit to 1/10 of the original sentences.

We use only keywords and main phrases so that we can effectively understand the meaning of the paragraph in less content. The Ideal rule of note making is the ratio between original paragraph to note which stand at 1/10 of the original.

Whenever you make note keep in mind the limit of the words and ratio then only you can make an effectively note which can help in ias exam preparation. Let us find some key tips about note making in IAS exam preparation.

Importance Off Notes In IAS Preparation.

Notes are the short form of sentences which contains keywords, key phrase of a large paragraph. The standard rule for effective note making is the ratio of complete sentence and the note should be 1/10. If you keep this ration in mind while making notes for ias exam, you can make very attractive and useful notes.

Preparing for IAS exam is one of the longest exam preparation in India to complete. IAS exam has one of the largest syllabus  which cover almost all the subjects from basics to graduation level. One has to be very selective in choosing UPSC exam books while preparing for ias exam.

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How Note Making For UPSC Exam Helps  in Preparation.

We know IAS exam syllabus is very vast and takes around a year to finish so once you finish IAS syllabus, you have to revise it before you go for exam. Notes are very easy way to memorize and helps you to recall stuff in very short time. Those who makes notes for difficult paragraphs understand things better than those who read the complete paragraph.

Notes are also helpful in making ias syllabus short . There are some books which have more than 800 pages ,these types of books need 2-3 months to revise . If you make notes from these books, you can revise these notes in very short time.

Notes are very useful when you are going outside where you can not carry all the books with you, notes are handy and can be read anywhere anytime even outside . Notes can be read while you are traveling in train , in bus etc. So making notes for ias preparation is a good habit.

How To Make Notes For IAS Preparation ?

Notes can be made in different formats , usually we make hand written colourful notes where we use multiple colours for different types of keywords.

\There is a standard rule of note making where we convert a long passage into small keywords. Suppose the passage contains 100 words then our notes should be around 10 words only. This is the standard rule of note making , if you do not follow this rule then your notes become very long just like original passage.

Another the best way of making notes for ias is to underline the important lines in the books while we read. This practice helps you to revise your book in very short time and also helps your time in notes making. This is one of the very popular method among school students.

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Notes making For NCERT Books

NCERT books are the basic books which cover very basic study material in ias preparation. It has been found that UPSC ask questions directly from ncert books in ias prelims as well as in mains exam. The importance of ncert in IAS preparation is huge, one can not ignore it.

It is advised to read NCERT from class 6th to 12th class for strong foundation but one can not read al these books in very short time. The revision of ncert books is also very difficult so here Notes play very important role in shortening the IAS syllabus.

When you read NCERT books, you come across some very important keywords and paragraphs. memorizing complete paragraph is not possible but you can make short notes of them for revision.

It is always better to make attractive notes from ncert books which can be very useful in last time revision.

Though it is impossible to revise all the ncert books in just one month without leaving single chapters. If you start making notes from the beginning, you will feel ease in the last moment. there are many ways to make notes from ncert books which are mentioned in previous paragraph.

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Note Making For UPSC Exam From Newspaper-

Many aspirants love to make notes from newspaper which is good idea but this practice takes a lot of time . There  is no hard and fast rule about note making from newspaper but cutting news article and keeping them for later is not beneficial. When we start cutting newspaper and keep them for later, we only accumulate study material for us. In reality we hardly revise these newspaper cutting .

So it is always useful to make some types of notes in IAS preparation. Notes note only make your revision easy but also helps you to memorize very fast.

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Types Of Note Making !

Now we categorize note making in two types- 1- Notes making in papers, Hard copy and 2- Digital notes. We will read more about each one by one-

Hard Copy Notes/ Traditional Way of Note Making-

This one of the most common and old method of note making which you may have learned in your school days. Note making in hard copy or paper has some benefits over digital notes. Some of them are given below-

  • When we make notes in paper with the help of paper and pen , we actually do writing practice which is helpful in for main exam. Studies have shown that wen we write something,we memorize it better. So hand made notes helps in writing practice and memorizing.
  • In Papers notes we can make notes with the help of colors which looks more attractive and easy to read and memorize. So many students make colorful notes for IAS exam.
  • You can make small notes and pin them in the respective chapter, this makes very easy to understand the complete lesson in very short time.

Digital Notes-

Digital notes are same like paper notes but they are made in your laptop or smartphone and saved in digital form. Digital notes are easy to make and store because you can store them in one folder with simple save button.

Digital notes can be made in different types – You can note down selected keywords, phrases in your computer and save them with the title. later on you can edit them easily. This is very simple way of digital note making . In other way, you can use some ready made software like- Pocket and evernote to make note digitally.

These app are very useful for online note making, whenever you are reading any important topics you can bookmark it and save it in these apps.

You can access these notes from any part of the world with internet connection. You need your email id and internet connection to access them.

Benefits Of Note Making In IAS Preparation !

There are lot of benefits of note making in IAS exam preparation and some of them are explained here in detail.

  • Note making helps in memorizing thing quickly in less time. You can memorize anything faster of you make note of it. So it helps in memorizing things
  • Revision is the key to success in IAS exam process so notes play crucial role here. Notes helps in revision of the study material. You can revise things more effectively with the help of notes.
  • Notes are very important at the last time of the ias preparation. In last 4-5 days before exam, you will not get enough time to read the complete book again or revise it completely. If you have made notes of it, you can do it in 2-3 days and revise the complete syllabus.
  • While making notes your writing skills improves, your speed improves and you remember thing better than you do not make notes.( if IQ level is same )

Drawback Of Note Making In IAS Preparation !

Everything comes with pro and cons and note making is no different so let us read some of the drawbacks in note making-

  • Note making need some extra time to make good notes, simply coping same material again is not effective way of note making. So note making need some extra time.
  • Note making is boring for those who do not believe in writing practice so some aspirants hate note making while preparing for ias exam.
  • Arrangement of notes is needed and it takes time to do all these things otherwise you will spend more time in searing your notes which you have made one month before.
  • Additional material for aspirants , The UPSC syllabus is already a big nut to crack if you make notes, this make more study material to read in initial period of preparation. But once you make good notes, you need not to read all the material same time. You can skip books and read notes.

The drawbacks are not actually drawbacks in ias preparation but it needs some time and efforts to make them, so note making is a good habit for all the competitive exams, it will help you somehow in entire journey of exam preparation.

The Bottom Line is-The success is not fully depend on notes making but it contribute at the end of the exam. So if you like it and have enough time to make notes, go for it otherwise utilize your time in other ways to score high in the UPSC exam.

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