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  Prepare  UPSC Online
Prepare UPSC Online

How To Prepare UPSC Online-

One of the most searched topic about UPSC Exam is How to prepare UPSC online. There are lots of doubt about how much time one should spend online and how much stuff we should read from online websites. Some say do not depend on online websites for UPSC preparation so much and some suggest not to depend on books and read stuff online.

In this article I will tell you the exact way of preparation UPSC exam through books and websites. I will tell you how you can make balance between Online Preparation and Offline preparation. You will know following things in this articles .

  • How much time we should spend online for UPSC ?
  • How much time we should study offline ?
  • What are the useful websites to read online daily ?
  • How to make balance between Online and Offline preparation ?

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Time Spend In UPSC Online- 

Dear aspirants , the time has changed when people used to clear UPSC exam just by reading 10-15 books. Now everything has changed , UPSC asks questions which are based on current affairs, day to day business of a public servant, current events ,issue etc. so old approach will not work now ,you will have to focus on following section of syllabus .

  • Daily Current affairs of national interest. (UPSC Online).
  • World’s affairs ,international issues (UPSC Online).
  • Current social ,economic and political issues in our country (UPSC Online).

Prelims paper covers more than 50% of current affairs questions and these questions can be prepared only from online websites on daily basis. These issues required daily update so that you can understand it fully. Any current affairs booklet will cover one time or static issues so you can miss lots of daily current affairs.

The hindu newspaper and Indian Express Newspaper are two best sources for current affairs for UPSC exam and very authentic source of information. You can read them offline or Online .

Here are some of the best current affairs websites which covers almost all the current events of national and international level.

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So it is strongly recommended that you must read current affairs on daily basis to clear UPSC exam in your first attempt.

The number of hours can be different for different aspirants but sufficient time must be given to current affairs .30 to 40 % of your preparation time should go to current affairs preparation.

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How much time we should study offline-

There is no hard and fast rule for number of hours , some people easily study up to 12 hours and more and some study only 5 to 7 hours so hours does not matters a lot but the quality of preparation matters. So always focus on the output rather than number of hours.

While studying for long hours , you should take sufficient rest to maintain to energy level .

What are the useful websites to read online daily-

Useful Website For UPSC Exam Preparation-In this list you will get some of the best website for UPSC  Online preparation which will cover each and every portion of UPSC examination. Some website provides daily current affairs which is also very helpful in UPSC preparation.

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Useful websites for current affairs-

Current affairs constitutes more than 50% portion of prelims and 70 to 80 % in mains exam and some expert say that you can not clear UPSC CSE exam without current affairs. So importance of current affairs is huge ,we can not ignore it at any cost. Here are some of the best online website for daily current affairs which updates on daily basis and very useful for prelims and mains exam. Let’s have a look !


All the above mentioned website provides good current affairs material for UPSC CSE exam so you can read it from these websites .

Make balance between Online and Offline Study-

The best way to make balance between Online and Offline study is to understand the importance of both the study source. As i have mentioned , large portion of UPSC exam can be prepared online and rest of core syllabus can be done offline.

So read current affairs and others research material form online ( Google ,Wikipedia, Websites etc ) source and rest of syllabus can be done form books.

Make sure that you do not read same topic form more than 2 sources . If you read from multiple sources ,chances are there that you will lack of time for rest of syllabus . So good sources are enough for any topic.


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