How To Prepare UPSC Exam With Job

Prepare UPSC With Job (Complete Guide)

Today we will learn how to Prepare UPSC With Job -There are more than 1 million aspirants appeared in last year UPSC examination and a large number of aspirants were those who are currently working in government sector, private sectors, doctors, engineers , teachers and many more.

Since UPSC has increased its upper age limit , a whopping number of aspirants are applying for this exam and clearing it every year.

There are many article on internet about how to prepare UPSC exam while on job but nobody explained the real advantages and problems faced by working people in UPSC exam preparation.

I was preparing for UPSC exam while in 9 to 5 job and i can put some of the best ways you can utilize the time for UPSC exam preparations while in job and how to deal with hurdles faced by on job aspirants.

First of all i want to make it very clear here that whatever job you are doing , if you utilize your time intelligently , you can crack UPSC .

There are many examples every year who made this possible by their hard work and became a source of motivation for us. They also spoke about the benefits of preparing for UPSC exam while in job which we will discuss in details in this article later.

Start UPSC Preparation While In 9 To 5 Job?

In our country most of the job timing starts at 9 am and end around 5 Pm so most of the day time we spend in working in our organization. So here we have to make use of every minute we get out of our busy working hours.

There are many ways to utilize our free time while in job- Everyone gets around 1 hour lunch time and half of this can be utilised for UPSC preparation. It can be difficult for some people to carry UPSC exam books in working place but you can read newspaper there at your free time .

If you are able to finish newspaper at your working place without harming your professional requirement, you are actually preparing for UPSC exam.

Do you know newspaper constitute more than 50% of questions in prelims exam and 70% in mains . If you read daily newspaper for UPSC exam , you can easily solve most of the prelims questions.

So the power of newspaper is immense which can be read at your working place without informing your boss who may never allow you to prepare UPSC in working hours.

There is a tea break in almost every working place which is of 15 minutes, this time can be utilised for UPSC exam preparation too.

If you are a working professional than do not hope that you will get continuous 2 hours to study and then only you will prepare for upsc exam.

It will never happen in job so you have to make use of 10 minutes , 20 minutes and make it 2 hours . This is one of the best way of preparing for UPSC exam while in JOB .

Weekend are the best days for working professionals , you have to extend your study hours up to 10 to 12 hours on these days to complete your syllabus.

Once you make a habit of studying like this you will get enough time for rest of your syllabus , After working hours you can utilize your time more effectively at your home.

Though there is not hard and fast rule for study hours but as per UPSC syllabus , you have to give 4 to 6 hours daily to complete UPSC syllabus in time and extended study hours on weekends.

You can make best use of your holidays for UPSC exam preparation.Once you start believing that people who clear UPSC exam are same like you , they also gone through same hurdles of life , profession , family problems You will accomplish this milestone too.

Best Study Material To Prepare UPSC With Job-

Internet is full of information and it is not necessarily that all the information is authentic and useful for the exam so getting right kind of study material for UPSC exam is must specially for a working professional.

Working people do not have much time to do trial and error so you need best UPS exam books to clear this exam.

We have written a lot about UPSC exam Books , Best UPSC exam Books for UPSC exam etc. where we suggest some of the best books for all the subject as per Official UPSC syllabus.

We have selected all these UPSC books based on following recommendations Let’s have a look !

  • These books are based on UPSC Syllabus.–
  • Books are Read by IAS toppers & Suggested By them.
  • These books are not so Big and easy to revise in less time.
  • Some books are best seller of the year in their respected subject.
  • Written by well-known authors and Professors.
  • Big coaching institutes are advising these books only to boost marks .
  • Our experience is the proof of the quality of these UPSC Books.

Best Books To Prepare UPSC With Job –

The title if this paragraph clearly states that we have made an exclusive list based on the above points for UPSC exam for working professionals to save your valuable time .

You do not need to waste your time in searching different types of books in the market . Some people thinks that they can read every book made for UPSC exam but our thought is little difference which is based on the practicality of the subject.

Human brain has some limitation , we as a human can not read every book made for this exam in very short time period of one year . We also have to revise these books in time because we tend to forget things very soon.

Research founds that if we do not revise something in a month , we forget 80% of it so revision is must for any types of preparation.

That’s why we believe in reading less and revising more strategy. This strategy has its own benefits, if you read only one or max two books for one topic, you save enough time for revision.

If you read 3 to 5 different source for one topic , it becomes very difficult to revise complete UPSC syllabus in a year. As IAS topper suggest most of time that you should focus more on revision than reading everyday new subjects.

Here is the complete list of upsc exam books for prelims and mains- Download

Study Plan -Prepare UPSC With Job.

IAS Study Plan for working professional is the idea how a working person can best utilize its 24 hours of the day to clear UPSC exam without quitting her/his job.

IAS study plan is all about managing the time in best way to get maximum output . There are few things which must be considered while making a study plan for UPSC exam preparation plan .

  • Whatever study plan you are making , you should not compromise from your work for which you are being paid every month. After that you can make use of every minutes while gets FREE time at your office as we already have already discussed.
  • Make such a plan that you are covering entire UPSC exam syllabus. Do not give equal time to every subject but give the time based on the contribution of the subject in UPSC syllabus .
  • You can also check the contribution of the subject by reading previous year question papers. ( Some books also display the number of questions asked from that books in particular year )
  • Download complete UPSC exam syllabus before start preparing for UPSC exam and print hard copy of it . Read UPSc syllabus daily to memorise the topics covered in the syllabus . This habit will help you to figure-out thing in newspaper easily.
  • Also read the article how to read newspaper for UPSC exam in less than 2 hours daily.

Is Coaching Must For Working Professional?

Coaching institutes are playing BIG role in the UPSC exam preparation , there are more than 500 IAS coaching institutes in India ( Well Known ) where more than 2 lakhs aspirants are taking classes daily.

You can also join any good coaching institutes if you have time to fit in their coaching class schedules. Here are the ways coaching institutes helps aspirants in UPSC exam preparation. You can also join them if you lack these aspects of UPSC exam preparation.

  • Coaching institutes provide guideline to NEW aspirants who just started preparing for this exam.
  • They helps you in getting your study material does in time . Coaching institutes make their own study material for some topics like current affairs , international relations etc. Otherwise you have to arrange these at your own expenses.
  • They have detailed study plan , classes where you tend to more regular than before because you have paid them BIG FEE.
  • Coaching institutes have experts who has long teaching experience so you can take advantages of them where in self-study you have to understand it own.
  • Coaching institutes are really helpful for those who do not want spend time in arranging study material , hunt for good UPSC Books etc.

But the best part of UPSC preparation is that you can clear UPSC exam without any coaching institutes , there are a number of aspirants who have never taken any coaching but cleared UPSC in TOP ranks.

So one thing is very clear that coaching is useful but not must to clear UPSC exam. Now its up-to you to join coaching institutes or not. If you are one who is not able to join coaching institutes due to some reasons ,

here I will tell you how you can bypass coaching institutes and clear UPSC exam by just doing some extra efforts.

Prepare UPSC With Job Without Coaching?

As we said you can clear UPSC exam without any coaching institutes / coaching classes. You are a working professional so you will be always in short of time so taking coaching on regular basis might be a difficult task for you.

Let’s explore how you can prepare UPSC exam and clear it without any coaching classes as many people are already doing that.

We know very well how coaching institutes helps an aspirants during her UPSC exam preparation, here you have some ways to prepare UPSC exam better than coaching classes aspirants if you manage your time intelligently.

  • If you are new to this exam , you will need the right guidance to start UPSC preparation , do’s and don’t , Best Books For UPSC preparation , Notes , writing practice , mock test etc. And you can get all these thing easily online and most of them are FREE of cost where coaching institutes charge you very high amount for the same. You can save your valuable money too.
  • Internet is the best place to spend some time for useful purpose , you can get very authentic information on internet if properly researched.
  • So read article of IAS topper , Read their UPSC Preparation journey , Study plan which will help you to understand the exam process.
  • Arrangement of study material is easy , Almost every coaching institutes has their website , blog , YouTube channel where they write , upload current affairs , coaching classes videos which are FREE of cost and you can take advantage of it.
  • The secret of success in UPSC exam is self-study. No other ways will sail through this exam, it does not matter if you taking coaching from Best UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi, if you do not do self-study , you can not crack UPSC .
  • As a working person , you may not have much time for coaching classes but you can watch their YouTube channel video which are also coaching class video they upload on YouTube, it will give you the idea how we should move ahead in UPSC exam preparation.
  • Stay in touch with Useful UPSC websites for UPSC exam preparation, where you will know any change happen in UPSC Exam process.
  • Coaching institutes also use same sources of information to ready study material for aspirants ( Newspaper , magazine , govt websites etc ) so you can start reading them yourself , some extra time will need but you can prepare UPSC without any coaching classes.
  • The Hindu newspaper is the best newspaper for current affairs and you can start reading it from now to make your current affairs updated.

There are some psychological advantages having job and preparing for upsc at the same time. People who are already doing 9 to 5 job , they have also equal chance to clear UPSC exam.

UPSC exam preparation is a time taking process which needs strong determination , patience and hard work. The another important factor which plays very crucial role in smooth UPSC exam preparation is – back-up plan .

UPSC exam is very unpredictable exam , even most brilliant person in the planet cannot be sure of success in UPSC exam so back-up career plan or financial support is required.

So it is always better to keep all the option ready or plan B while preparing for UPSC exam.

But you have already a job which can support you financially and back-up plan for career, so you need not to think much about financial , career topics.

This is a big psychological pressure for those who do not have job , still not cleared UPSC exam , preparing since last 3-4 years.You have an edge over those aspirants so utilize this opportunity in your favour and clear UPSC exam.

Good Luck…

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