UPSC Books For English & Hindi Medium Aspirants

Are you struggling in finding best UPSC books for upsc exam ?

Don’t worry ,

Today i will tell you each and every book which is required to crack ias exam in first attempt .

Do you know how many new aspirants fail upsc exam several times just because they do not have right books to read and misguided by others .they blindly follow others strategy and commit mistakes.

 UPSC Books For English & Hindi Medium Aspirants

But here i will tell you each and every book with complete analysis and its advantages and disadvantages so that you will able to cover whole upsc exam syllabus in easy way.

After reading this article You will able to understand following things about upsc exam preparation.

  • Which are the best upsc books for exam.
  • How many books one must read while ias preparation.
  • Books for each topics and subjects.
  • Online study material for upsc exam.
  • How to find these books at very affordable rates.
  • What does IAS topper say about these books.

books are the main and biggest source of information specially in upsc exam .You can not replace books with other study materials (Online etc ). We are well aware about the syllabus of upsc exam which is so large and we can not take risk of ignoring single

here it is very important that we possess right number of  UPSC books for preparation so that we can revise them later.

the biggest mistake new aspirants make they do not believe in revising the material which they have read last one year . it can be their compulsion because they have bought so many fatty books so revision seems impossible .

here we will do little smart work ,we will buy only those books which are related to upsc exam syllabus .We will buy only those UPSC books which covers upsc exam syllabus only.

It is well know in upsc exam that one must know very well what not to read for the exam than what to read. here you must know what are the topics ,news ,information which not related to upsc exam. ( sports news )

Different people have different strategies but what most topper suggest is you should have all the books which are specifically as per upsc exam syllabus. You do not have much time to read fatty books or nobel types of books.

due to such heavy book you are unable to revise your study materials. here i will provide you one of the best UPSC  book collection for upsc exam subject wise .These books will suffice to cover your entire upsc syllabus .

Why this article is important for you ?

  1. There are large number of aspirants who belong rural Indian or small cities ,towns where all the books are not available so they have to come in big cities or contact some one who is residing in Delhi to buy these books.
  2. This is a long process and they waste lots of time and money in this process. Even if you go to market and ask for all these books ,you will not get all the books are one place .You will have to hunt whole day to get all the books at a time.
  3. Book seller sell they books on MRP and sometimes they give minimum discount to its customers due to less sale of these books.
  4. Here i will give you all the books at your door at very low price ( Lowest price you will ever get ) within a week. You need not to go market and waste your valuable time.

So lets start…..

     Books For English Medium Aspirants 

Prelims Paper 2 CSAT- English Medium ( UPSC Books)

  1. All the above mentioned books are highly recommended for your preparation.
  2. CSAT book practice papers covers last 22 years of questions to give you a fair idea about how UPSC ask questions in the exam.
  3. You can solve them , practice them before you go for actual exam ,it will definitely benefit you in getting high marks.

Prelims Paper 2 (CSAT )  हिंदी माध्यम ( UPSC Books)

Indian Polity-  (English Medium )

  •  Indian polity– by M laxmikant ( Latest edition )
  •  Introduction of constitution of India- by D D Basu

Indian Polity- हिंदी माध्यम

  1. All three books are well written by reputed authers who have long experience in book writing of UPSC examination .
  2. You can choose any one of first 2 books and third book is required for Mains examination.

Indian History ( Highly recommended )

Indian History -हिंदी माध्यम ( UPSC Books)

  1. Indian history is the longest portion of upsc exam syllabus which covers from ancient time to present time .
  2. It is divided into 3 portion called ancien history ,medieval history and modern history.
  3. this list covers all the best books for each section with their writer name and publication so that it will be easy for you to choose right books.
  4. You need separate books for each segment to prepare it well. So here are some of the best books for UPSC history portion where you can choose each books for medieval and modern history section form this list.
  5. all the authors are well-known for their content and authenticity.

Indian Economy-English Medium (UPSC Books )

Indian Economy

  1. Indian economy section is also vital for exam point of view .lots of questions are asked from this section.
  2. Ramesh singh and Sanjeev verma are two most respected author for Indian economy section. Both books are very good and every concept is explained very well.
  3. You are suggested to buy latest edition of these books which s given here . rest of the economy portion can be covered from The Hindu Business section and NCERTs Books of class 9th to 12th.

Geography-English Medium 

  • Indian and World Geography Book –Online at Low Prices in India.

Geography-हिंदी माध्यम ( UPSC Books)

  1. A large number of questions are being asked from geography section in prelims and mains .
  2. If you are non-geography student ,you will need more focus to understand geography of India and World.
  3. Here these books will help you in great way to understand each and every concept of geography with visual information.
  4. All the books are well written but buy only one books for each section ( Indian geography and world geography).
  5. Physical geography book by g c leong is must for prelims exam. ( Highly recommended )

Art and Culture (UPSC Books)

Art and Culture-हिंदी माध्यम 

  1. Questions form art and cultures are asked in large numbers in recent year so this section becomes very important to secure good marks in prelims as well as in mains exam.
  2. These books will covers almost everything related to art and culture potion. you will need selective reading for prelims from these books.


  1. This section is very important in prelims exam to score high because upsc asks so many questions from environment .
  2. There are two reason for more questions from this section
  3.  UPSC conduct forest service exam along with Civil Service exam. They select both the service candidate from same prelims so they ask more questions form environment every year.
  4. 2. Environment section is very important in current time as whole world is raising voice for green-technology ,eco-friendly items.
  5. Global warming ,climate change are some other important concern which need to be dealt seriously.

Science & Tech

This section is very important because 5 to 6 questions are asked from this section every year. so you can score well by studying this section.

IAS Mains Books ( English Medium books )

Books are highly recommended For UPSC Mains Exam

Essay Paper-

                            General Studies Paper- 1 (UPSC Books)

( Indian Heritage & Culture,History and Gepography of the world and society )

Art and culture

Indian History

Modern History

Medieval History

  • Indian history for medieval Time-Satish Chandra

World History

Physical Geography

Indian Geography

World Geography

All the books are given here for your convenience so that you will not have to struggle for books. all the books for paper 1 is not recommended but you can buy selected books from each section at very low price.

General Studies Paper-2 (UPSC Books)

Indian Polity

  •  Indian polity– by M laxmikant ( Latest edition )
  •  Introduction of constitution of India by D D Bas

Governance in India

International relation

Composite Study material for Paper 2

General Studies Paper -3 (UPSC Books)

Indian Economy

Economic Facts

  • Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma.

Internal Security


Science & Tech

General Studies Paper-4  (UPSC Books )

all the above mentioned books are very important for strong preparation so that you can clear upsc exam in your first attempt. These books are most sold books and most read books by upsc aspirants so you can trust them for their quality content and authenticity.

These books are highly recommended for all those who are preparaing this year and or planing to appear in next year. You are also suggested to read NCERTS of class 9th to 12th before going for these books.

NCERts are the basic books which cover entire upsc exam syllabus .If you read them your foundation will be strong and you will better understand these books.

NCERTS are also important for prelims exam as some of the questions are directly asked form NCERTS in recent years.

If you have enough time to prepare like 2 year then you should read NCERTS form class 6th to 12th before going for specified books.

These books are highly specified books as per UPSC exam pattern and some of the book language may be little difficult for the beginners. So read NCERTS well and then go for it.

If you are a working personnel then you can directly read these books because you might have less time to prepare for upsc exam  due to working .

It has been seen that people still clear UPSC exam without reading NCERTS so do not worry about all these things. Do whatever is suitable for you as per your strength and strategy. Good Luck.

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