UPSC Exam: Preparation, Exam Details, Eligibility, Exam Date & More.

upsc exam 2020

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Conducts exam for various Posts under groups A and B , Civil Service exam is one of the most popular exam in India.

Civil Service exam comprises of various posts of group A and B, and IAS, IPS and IFS are some of the most celebrated post among all.

The civil services exam has three stages Prelims , mains and Interview, you have to clear all the stages to crack this exam.

The final selection is based on the merit after clearing all three stages. This exam takes a year to complete , the prelims exam is conducted near in mid of the may or starting in June.

Prelims exam, after prelims you have to attempt the mains exam, where your marks will be counted for final merit.

Prelims marks are qualifying in nature, mains and interview marks will be counted for final merit.

Once the final merit is ready, your marks and category reservation quota are considered for the final ranking and allocation of services.

This post will cover almost all the aspect of this exam from the beginning to interview, we will also cover the preparation strategy , study material , coaching material , online test papers details and many more….

What is UPSC Exam-

UPSC is a constitutional body which is responsible for the selection of IAS, IPS,IRS and other posts under various services.

UPSC conducts various exam like NDA, CDS, IFS..every year in India, Civil services is one of them. Here is the list of the examination of conducted by the UPSC this year.

UPSC constitutes of a Chairman which is known as UPSC Chairman (Currently Sh Arvind Sexsena is the Chairman ) and member of the commission.

The chairman is the head of the commission and other members are called UPSC board members. Presently 11 is the total strength of the commission including Chairman of the UPSC.

UPSC chairman and its member holds the office for 6 years of service and maximum age of 65 years which comes earlier. UPSC Chairman and its member are appointed by the president of India.

Articles 315 to articles 323 of part XIV of our constitution deals with the provision of the commission, appointment of the member of the commission, removal and suspension of the members, function of the commission etc.

Function of The Commission-

The UPSC has very important role in our country, article 320 empower the UPSC to perform the following functions-

  • Conduct examinations for appointment to the services of the Union.
  • Direct recruitment by selection through interviews.
  • Appointment of officers on promotion / deputation / absorption.
  • Framing and amendment of Recruitment Rules for various services and posts under the Government.
  • Disciplinary cases relating to different Civil Services.
  • Advising the Government on any matter referred to the Commission by the President of India.

Know About Civil Service Exam-

Civil Service exam which is also known as UPSC exam, IAS exam is one of the most competitive and prestigious exam in our country. Lakhs of young minds prepare for this exam to become a civil servant every year.

The UPSC exam is said to be the toughest exam in our country where competition is very high, only hard-working and brilliant minds make their name in the final list.

But the truth is different, anyone from any educational background who is eligible , with their hard work in right direction and continuous efforts can clear this exam.

Here in this post we will explain everything which is required to clear UPSC exam in very simple language, you just need pay attention till the end of the article.

upsc exam preparation
upsc exam preparation

This article is going to be little long because we will cover almost everything related to upsc exam, so have patience while reading this article.

Civil Service Exam is divided into three stages, which are known as Prelims, Mains and Interview. All the three stages takes near one year to complete.

The First stage which is Prelims starts in the months of May to June every year and after 4 months Mains exam starts in the months of October to November.

Once you clear these two stages, you will be called for personality test , once you clear this stage, your marks will be added and top most score will be selected for the final selection.

The final merit is based on the score obtained by the students and the category in which they belong, the final cut-off is also based on the respective category and availability of the vacancy that year.

UPSC Exam Pattern Details-

UPSC exam pattern is 3 step exam where prelims , mains and interview ( personality test) test the suitability of the candidate for the various central Group A and Group B posts.

upsc exam stages

Prelims exam is the gateway of UPSC exam , it has 2 papers which are called general studies paper-01 and general studies paper-02 (CSAT).

Both the question papers are equally important to clear this stage, the first paper General studies marks are counted for prelims merit where paper 2 is qualifying in nature.

Prelims PaperQuestionsMarksTimeRemarks
Prelims Paper -011002003 hoursCounted for Merit
Prelims Paper-02 ( CSAT)802003 hoursJust Qaulifying

Paper 2 is qualifying means you need to score minimum 33% marks to clear it, if you do not score the minimum marks, your first paper marks will not counted for the prelims merit.

You have to clear both the paper individually to clear the first stage of the upsc exam.

The Prelims first paper which is general studies paper has 100 multiple answer type question with 4 option to choose one right answer,

You have to choose only one right answer to score full 2 marks in that question, if you tick the wrong answer, the negative marking penalty will be applicable.

The Negative marking penalty is 1/3 of the marks or .33 of the marks , it will be deducted from your total score. If you do not tick any question and leave it as un-attempted, no marks will be deducted from your score.

Think well before selecting any answer in the prelims exam to avoid unwanted loss of marks.

There are some tips which will help you in getting maximum score in the prelims paper or any other objective type question paper-

You can refer these books to cover complete paper 01 syllabus and score passing marks easily. Prelims Books.

Elimination Techniques– This is the best techniques in UPSC prelims. In this techniques, you have to eliminate all the possible wrong answer before choose right answer,

The more wrong answer you eliminate, the better score you can achieve in prelims exam.

It very difficult to tick all the 100 question correct in the exam, but you have to score 55% to 60% in paper one to be above from cut-off line.( Expected )

So there will be some cases in the examination hall when 1,2 option will be eliminated easily by you, so you might leave that question un-attempted but if you apply elimination method, your probability of choosing right answer is 50% .

You have to take that risk to attempt at least 80-90 question so that you can easily score near 60% marks in the first paper and clear prelims.

The difficulty level of the exam is so high , if you attempt only those where you are 100% sure, chances are there that you may score below the cut-off marks. ( This is only guide, not rule, choice depends on the candidates)

CSAT Paper-02

This is the second question paper of prelims exam which aim is to test the mathematical, English comprehension like abilities of the candidates.

The question of this paper are based on 10th stranded which are enough to check the basic knowledge of the candidates.

You can clear this exam without paying much attention and preparation, but if you are week in these area, you should take this paper seriously too.

There are occasions when students score very good marks in the first paper and unable to score minimum qualifying marks in CSAT.

You can refer this book for the CSAT paper preparation which is enough to prepare CSAT paper.

Note- The best way to score high in CSAT paper is to practice more and more question regularly.

UPSC Mains Exam Details-

Once you clear Prelims stage, you qualify for the mains exam,. UPSC mains exam is the very important stage where your marks are counted for the final merit.

UPSC mains has total 9 papers and all the papers are subjective type in nature, you have to answer in specified words limit to score maximum marks.

upsc exam

Mains has 2 language papers which marks are not counted for merit and rest 7 papers marks are counted for final merit.

The first two language papers which are English language and any other Indian language papers are qualifying in nature, but you have to pass them too.

If you don not score minimum passing marks in these two language papers, your other paper marks will not be counted for mains exam.

Rest 7 papers are – Essay, general studies (4) papers, optional papers (2) all these papers are descriptive type which marks are counted for mains merit list.

here is the details of the complete upsc mains question papers in list format-

Essay2503 Hours
General Studies-012503 Hours
General Studies-022503 Hours
General Studies-032503 Hours
General Studies-042503 Hours
Optional Paper-012503 Hours
Optional Paper-022503 Hours
Language Paper-013003 Hours
Language Paper-023003 Hours

clearing mains exam is little different than prelims, where in prelims we need facts to tick right answer unlike mains.

In mains exam , students need deep understanding of the topics and analytical ability of the issues so that you can understand things quickly to deliver the right decision.

Here is the list of useful books which cover complete upsc mains syllabus in details. Click her to read all book list for mains exam.

Eligibility for UPSC exam-

Now you know the upsc exam pattern and the process of the exam, its time to know the eligibility criteria for the upsc exam.

Usually UPSC do not change the eligibility criteria often if they do, they inform in advance to the students so that they can check well in time.

here is the latest eligibility criteria for upsc exam for all the candidates who want to join civil service exam this year.

UPSC Educational Qualification-

The educational qualification for a candidate is a graduation degree from any recognized university with minimum passing marks.

If you have just scored passing marks you can apply for the upsc exam, there is no percentage or division barrier is civil service exam.

If you are in the final year of your college, you can also apply for the exam , because UPSC exam process is a year long, till the time you will get your degree from the university.

UPSC Age Limit-

There is no minimum age limit for a candidate is 21 years , this is for everyone but higher age limit has some restriction as per candidates category.

If you are a student of general category, your maximum age limit is 32 years and if you belong other category than this, you get some relaxation which is mentioned in the table below.

CategoryUPSC Age LimtNo. of AttemptQualification
Genaral32 years06Degree From University.
SC/ST32+5 years No limit.Degree From University.
OBC32+3 years06+3 =9Degree From University.
ex-service man with 5 years minimum service.G-37,OBC-40,SC/ST-42.Based on Category (mentioned above)Degree From University.
Handicaps, Blind etc.32+10 YearsGen & OBC ( 9 attempts )Degree From University.
j&K resident.G-37, OBC-40.ST/SC-42, PH-50 yearsTill the age limit.Degree From University.
Dis-abled service man.G-37,ST/SC-40. OBC-38 years,Based on the category ( mentioned above )Degree From University.

IAS or IPS Salary Details-

There are lot of questions come in mind when we talk about the salary of an IAS or IPS officer so here is the complete details of the salary of an IAS or IPS officer as per latest pay commission.

Pay Level 11SP/DMRS-67700+ OTHER ALLOWANCES5- 8 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 12SSP/DMRS-78800+ OTHER ALLOWANCES9 -12 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 13DIGRS-118500+ OTHER ALLOWANCES13-16 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 14IGRS-131100+ OTHER ALLOWANCES16-17 yearSame for other
Pay Level 15ADGRS-144200+ OTHER ALLOWANCES17-24 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 16ASSISTANT CHIEF SECRETARYRS-182200+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 30 yearSame for other
Pay Level 17CHIEF SECRETARYRS-205400+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 33 yearsSame for other
Pay Level 18CABINET SECRETARYRS-250000+ OTHER ALLOWANCESup to 35 years (approx)Same for other
facility of an ias officer
  • Apart from the salary of an IAS officer, they get lot of facilities like a
  • Good car with driver to meet the official requirements,
  • Free Semi-furnished house to live ,
  • Security guard for safety, cook , telephone bills , electricity bills on subsidized rate.
  • Study leave for higher education in foreign universities where government pay them,
  • Civil servant get job security, its very hard to fire a civil servant from his service, so they get high job security.
  • Pension is also provided to civil servants for lifetime to look their after retirement needs.

How To Prepare For UPSC Exam?

This is the most crucial part of the upsc exam, if you prepare it in right way, you can clear upsc exam in a year.

I have made a detailed list of do’s and don’t which will help you how to approach towards upsc exam.

Plan IAS Preparation In Advance

IAS preparation is all about how you plan your time so to get maximum output . If you are a working person, you will have to more difficult to plan your study time .

Here I have an article for you about how to prepare for upsc exam while working 9 to 5 job schedule.

If its not you then you can easily manage your time for ias preparation. Generally there is no hard and fast role for hours in a day but the syllabus of upsc exam need at least 5 to 7 hours a day to complete in a year.

If you have only one year to prepare for this exam and you are just starting ias preparation, you have to put 5 to 7 hours daily to cover entire upsc syllabus in time.

We hardly follow the time table while preparing for any exam and this is very common tendency for most of the people but if you are close to the time table made by you, things will change drastically.

While making time table for ias preparation make sure that you cover all the topics of upsc exam as per their weight in the exam. The weight of each subject is decided by the number of questions are asked in the examination.

Suppose History subject has potential of 10 to 20 question in the prelims exam but sport related questions are very few. So you should give more time to the previous subject comparing to the last subject.

Many aspirants divide equal time to every subject which is biggest mistakes in ias preparation because all the subject do not carry equal questions in the exam.

If you make your time table by keeping all the above point in the mind you can utilize every minute for ias exam preparation.

Get The Complete UPSC Syllabus-

UPSC asks questions from its syllabus only, most of the questions directly come from the syllabus published by upsc every year.

the first step is to know the complete upsc exam syllabus for prelims and mains exam.

Prelims paper 1 has very detailed syllabus which covers from daily current affairs , history, geography, Indian polity, science, art & culture , economics and environment etc.

Where paper two is limited to mathematics, English comprehension etc. Here is the complete upsc exam syllabus in details-

UPSC Exam books-

After knowing the upsc exam syllabus, the very next step is to arrange right kind of study material in right number.

UPSC exam books still cover more than 70% of upsc exam syllabus even if online study material is available extensively in the market.

After reading so many books I can say confidently that this book list is enough to score very good marks in the upsc prelims and mains exam.

Now you need to make a balance between books and online study materials so that you cover entire upsc syllabus.

Read-UPSC Preparation Books: Complete UPSC Exam Books In Details (Updated)

Get Right Study Material.

Till now you are aware of complete upsc syllabus and its time to find the right study material for you.

Gone are the days when you have to stick to books suggested by your near and dear once. Now time has changed and mode of preparation are also changing.

Online websites are helping aspirant in many ways from FREE exam guide to providing study materials, notes and videos.

These sources are handy in exam preparation but role of books remains same. UPSC books cover more than 80% of upsc exam syllabus.

So don’t worry , we have made an exclusive list of best upsc exam books which cover almost complete syllabus in details.

You can also get these books online by just one click. Here is the list of upsc exam books .

Select Best Books For IAS Exam

Books are the most important study material in ias exam preparation and selection of best books for ias exam is not easy. The market is full of books which makes our selection more difficult.

Today I am going to tell you the best way to select ias exam books without compromising the quality of books.

Let us understand the importance of books in ias exam preparation first, more than 70% of upsc syllabus can be studied with the help of core ias books.

Internet, magazine, newspapers are also useful study material in ias exam preparation apart from ias books. So here are some tips for you to select the best books for ias exam.

Selection Based On UPSC Syllabus-

UPSC exam syllabus is very wide and covers almost everything under then sun but the good news is everything is defined. UPSC always explains the topics of the upsc ias exam syllabus in its notification well before exam.

This is the first sign where we should focus while going to buy a book for ias exam. So one thing is very clear that we should buy only those books which cover upsc syllabus.
There is no use of reading books which do not cover upsc syllabus, it only increase our burden in upsc exam preparation.

So always go for those books which cover all the listed topics , subjects, chapters, keywords of upsc syllabus. We have also made a complete list of upsc books based on the above recommendations.

Never buy a book which cost benefit is very low. Ex- If you are buying a book of 500 hundreds pages for only one chapter which is mentioned in upsc syllabus.

Here you are going to waste money and time in reading such a BIG books for few chapters. You can go for a book which cover more topics  at the same time.

By doing this, you can save your time and money together, In UPSC time is key player in success.

Selection Based On The Content Of Books-

When we look for a book, we get lot of option in front of us. In upsc exam preparation, we have to read a number of subject which includes humanity subject, current affairs, science, English etc. All these subject has one or two book each to study so we have to study at least 15-30 books .

Reading and revising these books become almost impossible in a year if all the books are very fatty and bulky. there is no need to buy a book which is like a Noble. You should avoid all those books which carry more than 500 pages.( this is not a fixed rule but try to buy small books ).

Expert suggest to read less and revise more so you should read books to cover upsc syllabus and then revise them as many time as you can.

If you buy a books which is very thick in size, it becomes very difficult in revision. Revision is must in upsc exam preparation.

So always keep in mind the size of the book while buying it. There is no use of reading so many books if you are not able to revise them in time.

Don’t buy too many books for one subject.

You may have read that some people suggest to read as many books as you can and this is strategy may sound useful only if you have 3-4 years of time before exam.

If you do not have more than 1 year to prepare for IAS exam, you can not afford reading 10 books for one subject.

The best things to do is read not more than 2 books for one subject. If you want read in depth any subject, you can read two different source beyond that you will not able to revise them in time.

Many IAS topper suggest that the key to success in upsc exam is revision of the study material in time. Lot of people follow this strategy and clear it every year.

Stick To The Syllabus.

The first and most important step in upsc exam preparation is to know the complete upsc exam syllabus in details. Most of the aspirants fail to know the upsc syllabus which cost them in loss of huge marks in the exam.

Preparing exam without knowing the syllabus is useless, you are going to miss very important topics which can be asked in the exam.

So no matter how much you read and how many books you have covered, if you are not reading as per upsc syllabus.

UPSC exam has very wide syllabus, it covers almost everything under the sun but topics are well covered.

We have made it simple for you which will save your valuable time. You can read and download complete upsc syllabus from here- Download UPSC SYllabus.

UPSC ask questions from upsc syllabus only except few. Most of the questions come from defined syllabus.

If you see the previous year question papers carefully, you can predict many question before exam.

Coaching institutes know this that’s why they are popular and have more success rate. So buy only those books which comprise of upsc syllabus.

If you are not aware of UPSC syllabus, you can read it from upsc official website or this link. Once you read upsc syllabus topics in details, the things will be more clear to you. Buying books becomes more easy than before.

UPSC test the basic understanding of the subject, no need to read anything everything in-depth unless you are also preparing for PHD in particular subject.

UPSC always ask question from variety of subject to test the basic understanding of everything possible in a paper.

No Need To Switch Books Every Year.

Many aspirants buy new books every year if they are not able to clear it. This is not  recommended specially when you already have best set of books and Syllabus of UPSC is unchanged.

If you have read Best UPSC Book article on my site and bought books from there, You are already with the best upsc books available in the market.

The book selection in my list is made after analyzing so many point taken from expert of coaching institutes, suggestion of IAS topper and my personal reading.

So switching books every time creates confusion among aspirants. The better idea is to read again and again same books which will pay you more in the exam.

If books are written by well-known author , the content of the books remain almost same even if you read 10 books on one subject the way of explaining topics may differ.

So if you switch books every time, you waste money as well as time. You make things much difficult and increase burden at the same time.

Some Useful Articles-

Online Study Material-

Now online study material is also very helpful in upsc exam preparation, you can read daily newspaper, current affairs, government schemes and many other useful information online.

  • You can read The Hindu , Indian express Newspaper Online
  • You can follow government website for the facts and data which can be write down in exam too.
  • You can download UPSC apps which cover large amount of study material for upsc exam, here is the list of some of the best upsc apps for upsc exam preparation.

Note for UPSC Exam-

Note making is very helpful for most of the aspirants, and making notes of difficult topics is very good habit.

Note making can fetch you some extra marks in the exam. Note making can help you in revision of the syllabus in the last time when revision of complete syllabus is not possible.

While making notes for ias exam make sure that you are following the 1/10 rule. A per this rule your notes should be 1/10 of the total content.

Suppose you want make a note of paragraph having 100 words, your notes must be in 10 words.

You can write down keywords in notes to reduce the size of the notes. Your notes should be in keywords which will easy to memorize in the exam.

Notes play very important role in upsc exam preparation, it helps you at the last moment when you are in need.

UPSC exam has very wide syllabus and revision in very short time is not possible, notes play its role here.

If you make note while preparation, you can revise complete upsc syllabus in very less time specially in the last month before exam.

Here is the guide how you can make note for upsc exam in smart way.

Revision Is the Key to Success-

“Read less and revise more” is the key to success in civil service exam and it is true. The upsc syllabus is very vast, memorizing it is not possible, if you revise it regularly you can score very good marks.

IAS toppers suggest that reading right kind of books in limited numbers helps students.

Reading more than 2 book source for a topic is not recommended specially when you have less time to prepare.

If you read one or 2 source you get enough time to revise them, reading many books make you uncomfortable in revising.

The fact is that if you do not revise books regularly, you can not retain all what you read for longer time.

UPSC Exam Apps-

With the change of time, upsc exam preparation has also changed. UPSC apps and ias preparation website are plying very important role today.

Almost all the big coaching institutes have their online presence in the form of UPSC apps and website.

You can learn everything what you want read with the help of these upsc app & website.

The best part of upsc apps and website is , you can read from everywhere, you can install these upsc apps in your smartphone and study anytime.

Here is the list of some best UPSC apps and website which will help you in upsc exam preparation.

IAS Question Papers-

Knowing about ias question paper gives an Idea about how UPSC designs questions from different sources.

If you analyse each question paper, you will know that most of the questions are from specified upsc syllabus by commission.

The only thing we need to understand is the syllabus of upsc exam, if we underline the complete upsc syllabus, we can easily score better marks than those who read without having it.

IAS question papers also gives you an Idea how you should approach to the exam, how you should manage your time in the examination hall.

It is strongly suggested that everyone of upsc aspirants must practice previous year question paper,

If you practice previous years question papers you get complete idea how you should answer them,

solving previous year question papers also boost your confidence in the exam, you become familiar to these papers.

You also know the difficulty level of the question paper , weakness of our preparation in advance,we can improve our weaknesses in time .

Here I have listed all the previous year question paper of various exams conducted by upsc including civil services.
You can download previous years question papers from here-Download

How To Apply for UPSC exam?

Once you are eligible for upsc civil service exam and prepared well , you can apply for the exam from its official website from this link

There is only one way to apply for upsc exam through online mode, no other offline way to apply for upsc civil service exam.

Once you go to the official website link, you need to fill your personal and educational details in the form.

You will need some specific photograph and signature which are small in size, which dimension is available in the form.

Upload all the needed documents and fill all the required details as per your academic documents.

You will be called to choose exam center, you should choose it based on your choice and accessibility.

It always better to choose the exam center which near to you, so that you can easily go to exam hall from your home.

Note- Try to register yourself early to get your choice of exam center, if you will late , you may not get exam center of your choice.

Fill all the details correct to avoid risk of disqualification by upsc, once you fill all the details submit it.

There are two type of registration in civil service exam, First step is to fill your details and register yourself,

And second is paying your fee and upload documents, Photograph, signature etc.

You will have to pay some minimum amount of FEE (Approx- Rs 100 or Rs 200) if you belong to general category, other category and girls may be relaxed by UPSC.

UPSC Admit Card.

UPSC civil service admit card for prelims and mains exam can be downloaded from its official website just before exam.

You need to just go to UPSCONLINE.NIC.IN which is official website of UPSC which is responsible for the conduct of various exam and provide information about this exam.

Once you go to this URL, you will be asked to put your REGISTRATION number OR ROLL No to download admit card.

Registration no is issued to you while you register for the exam in the initial time, if you forgot your registration no and roll no, don’t worry-

You can check your E-mail ID which you have registered during filling the form online or check the text massage in your cellphone ,

You will get your registration no there and get it and write in the downloading section in the above mentioned website.

Once you go to the URL , you will get this window , click one the download area, you will be landed into new window where you will be asked to put your roll no OR registration no.

Once you fill you registration no and other verification details, you will be directed to new window, where you will get option to download your admit card.

If you find any wrong-spelling in your personal details, you should immediately contact to the official of UPSC at there helpline contacts-

UPSC Prelims Exam Center-

UPSC conduct exams across the nation , it has examination centers in almost every state to make students comfortable to reach their near one,

when you will fill upsc application online, you will be asked to choose your choice of examination center, you can choose any of the examination center which suits you

the power of allocating any examination center to students rest with UPSC,they can allot you any examination center.


If you want your choice of examination hall, you should apply early and register yourself , if you will apply late, the hall may be filled already, in this care you will have to go other specified examination all for the exam.

UPSC Exam Center For Mains-

UPSC has power to change the examination hall center as per their discretion, but the commission try to provide you the choice of your examination center.

If you clear prelims exam, you will be called for mains exam, mains examination center are not simiiler to Prelims exam.

The number of UPSC mains examination center is less than compare to Prelims exam.

Here is the list of upsc mains examination center which may change on the discretion of the commission.


UPSC Exam Subjects-

The syllabus for Prelims and Mains exam is defined by UPSC. Prelims exam covers various subjects including History, Polity, Economy, Environment, Science, Geography etc.

There is no choice of subject in Prelims exam , you have to read all the subject as per upsc syllabus but you have option to choose your optional and language In mains exam.

In mains exam, you are required to choose one subject for mains optional out of large number of subjects.

Optional subject has two paper carrying 250 marks which play crucial role in getting good marks overall so that you can rank high in the final results.

Here is the list of UPSC Subjects in details-

SociologyCivil EngineeringPhysics
Public AdministrationCommercePolitical Science and International Relations
PhilosophyElectrical EngineeringPsychology
PsychologyGeologyPublic Administration
Political ScienceLawSociology
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary ScienceManagementZoology
AnthropologyMechanical EngineeringPhilosophy
BotanyMedical ScienceChemistry

You can also choose any language as your optional subject ,the list of the language which you can choose is given below-

Assamese SindhiTamil
Bodo Telugu Urdu
GujaratiEnglish Hindi
Kannada BengaliKashmiri
Malayalam ManipuriSanthali
Marathi Nepali Sanskrit
Oriya Punjabi

UPSC exam results-

Once you attempt prelims exam, you wait for the results, the commission soon announce prelims results on its official website.

You can get your prelims results by entering your roll number in the given space and you will get results as qualify for mains or not qualified .

You will not get your prelims marks there and answer key of the prelims exam, UPSC late release official answer key in its website.

For Prelims and mains exam results, you will have to visit UPSC Website find the results link and submit your details to know your results.

Here are some steps you need to follow to know your results in easy way-

  • 1- Keep your roll number ready , ( mentioned in UPSC admit card)
  • 2-Go to UPSC Official website and search Active Examination option there,
  • 3- Select the year of examination and find the PDF there.
  • 4- Look for your name in the list.

You will get the complete list of all the candidates who are qualified for the mains exam and their name.

Also read UPSC syllabus for hindi medium students-

UPSC Exam Cut-off-

The cut-off of UPSC exam is always very interesting topics because it keep people guessing about how much they have to score to clear the prelims and mains exam.

If you look at the prelims exam , you will get the cut-off near 55% to 57% every year, it also depends on the difficulty level of the exam that particular year.

The cut-off is also different for the different categories candidates, if you belong to general category, you have to score near 105-110 out of 200 marks in the upsc prelims exam.

And for others , it decreases as per their category, here is the list of recent cut-off of prelims exam.

  • List of UPSC Prelims Cut-off 2019- Yet To Come
  • List of UPSC Prelims Cut-off 2018- Download
  • List of UPSC Prelims Cut-off 2017- Download
  • List of UPSC Prelims Cut-off 2016- Download
  • List of UPSC Prelims Cut-off 2015- Download
  • List of UPSC prelims Cut-off 2014-Download

UPSC Exam Answer Key-

Everyone wait for the answer keys of the prelims exam, UPSC publish the answer key little later after the exam, so you have to wait for some time to get your answer key for this current year,

but you can access the previous year answer key in details so that you can correct your mistakes.

UPSC answer keys helps students to check their mistakes and match their answer with the official website which is the only authentic source of correct answer.

Here is the list of upsc answer keys of the previous year for you knowledge so that you can match your answer with the official correct answer.

UPSC Answer Key 2018

  • UPSC Answer keys of Prelims exam (paper-01) 2018- Download
  • UPSC Answer keys of Prelims exam (paper-02) 2018- Download
  • UPSC Answer keys of Prelims exam (paper-02 For PWD Candidates ) 2018- Download

UPSC Asnwer Keys 2017

  • UPSC Answer keys of Prelims exam (01) 2017 – Download
  • UPSC Answer keys of Prelims exam (2) 2017-Download

Preparation Strategy for UPSC 2020.

The most important step in civil service examination is how to prepare it, this is very crucial step and everyone must pay attention to this-

When we talk about the upsc exam preparation, we follow very systematic process in which we focus on everything needed to clear this exam.

We have divided upsc exam preparation strategy in following step which is based on the IAS toppers schedule and guidelines-

Knowing Syllabus-

This is the very first step in upsc exam preparation, if you know the syllabus, you can plan everything easily, you can make time tables, you can divide subjects as per their role in upsc exam,

without knowing upsc syllabus, you will confuse what to read and what to skip, knowing what to read is important in upsc exam but knowing what to avoid is very much important.

You have limited time, syllabus is large, you have to make very clear in your mind that what to read for the exam and what not that’s why knowledge of upsc syllabus is needed.

Read N.C.E.R.T Books-.

  • As we assume that you have at least one year before exam so the best way to start ias preparation is by reading basic NCERT books for class 6th to 12th. These are the very basic books which cover all the foundation study material for ias exam.
  • NCERT books are handy in solving prelims MCQs in the exam as year by year questions are being asked from ncert books directly. Reading ncert books also helps you in understanding the basics of the subject which we tend to forget due to long detachment from these  books.
  • All the books are not necessary to read for ias exam , you can skip books like mathematics, hindi,english language.  History, geography, science and environment books are very much important in the exam.
  • Once you complete these ncert books, you can start core books of upsc syllabus. If you avoid ncert books while preparing for ias exam, you are going to miss lot of questions in the prelims and mains exam. So do not commit this types of mistakes.
  • The arrangement of NCERT books is not too difficult as most of these books are easily available near your shop. if you want buy them online, can click here- NCERT Online.
  • If you are interested in reading books online then you can go to the the official website of NCERT and download all the books in pdf format.
  • Importance of NCERT books is immense in upsc exam, you can solve most of the prelims question just by read NCERT books, so you should read NCERT books to clear your basics,
  • You can also make notes from them but do not spend too much time in doing that, you have to read core syllabus books also.
  • Do not get confuse about new or old NCERT books, both are good at some areas, whichever is available with you , read them.
  • It is suggested that reading NCERT from class 6th to 12th class is good, if you do not have much time, you can read from class 9th to 12th specially these books ( history, geography, environment and science books).

Focus on current Affairs-

Current affairs is very much important for upsc exam, most part of the prelims question papers covers current affairs , you can not ignore this section.

Current affairs is also asked in mains exam, you have to make a habit of reading current affairs daily otherwise you can miss important stuff if you read monthly magazines.

Try to read daily current affairs from online websites, newspapers and magazines and make notes do avoid depending on the monthly booklets. Sometime they do not cover all the happening which you can read on daily basis.

Newspaper Reading –

  • Newspaper reading is very good habit specially in upsc exam preparation, most of the current affairs can be done from newspaper alone.
  • If you read newspaper regularly most of the prelims question can be covered easily.
  • there are some good English newspaper which cover almost every affairs which is required in upsc civil service exam.
  • The Hindu and Indian Express are two most loved English newspaper which are useful for upsc exam.
  • Reading newspaper improve your reading ability and cover whole of current affairs including Latest news, science and technology, environment, economy.
  • Here is the guide how you can read newspaper for upsc exam-Newspaper Reading…

Revision is Key-

  • Studies have proved that what we read today , most of that forget in a week so revision is must in retain whatever we study for longer time.
  • So plan accordingly, what ever you read , must revise as soon as possible, the more often you revise ,
  • it will stay longer in your head, specially facts and figures need to be revise to put in exam so that your answer should look very informative.

Attempt Test Series Well In Time.

  • Test series are the best way to test oneself while preparing for ias exam. Test series contains question papers which are almost in the same pattern.
  • These questions paper has the same difficulty level more or less so you can test your preparation well before exam.
  • These papers are made by expert from the syllabus books of upsc exam, if you attempt test series before the exam you actually practice the upsc question paper at home.
  • Though the questions are not same in the test paper but rest of things are almost of same level if you buy from any good coaching institutes.
  • So it is suggested to give as much test papers you can before the exam and clear ias exam in your first attempt with flying colors.
  • I have list a test paper which based on the prelims exam, you can test yourself and check your preparation level right now-Click here to test yourself.
  • Mock test are the mirror of your preparation , attempting mock test definitely helps students in prelims and mains exam.
  • Mock test helps you finding your mistakes, weak areas so that you can look into those area where you need more focus,
  • If you know your weakness before exam, you can correct it and make improvements to avoid making mistakes in the exam.
  • You can attempt FREE and Paid mock test whichever you can get but try to give sufficient mock test before exam.

Importance of Coaching Institutes-

Coaching institutes play important role in upsc exam preparation in guiding aspirants in right direction and providing them study material.

There are large number of coaching institutes in our country some of them are very popular among students,

taking coaching class is good idea only if you do not have any idea about this examination and shortage of time,

if you have enough time to prepare for this exam, you can prepare it from home itself. Here are some pros and cons of joining coaching institutes-

Why you should join Coaching institutes-
1- If you are new to this exam, and no guidance is available to you-
2-If you have very less time to prepare for it.
3- If you stay close to any good coaching institutes and expenses are not the issue for you.
4-If you are struggling in gathering study material , coaching institutes may help you in providing study material.
5-If you believe in group study and want a company of aspirants , be in between among them, you will get enough aspirants their.
You can avoid coaching institutes due to these reasons-
1- UPSC exam can be cleared without taking coaching classes, as many have done this before.
2- If you live in remote area,where no good coaching in available to you, you can not afford staying big cities, you can prepare it from home.
The only thing is needed is internet connection , everything is available online.
3- If you think spending huge money in coaching institutes is worthless, you should avoid joining them, better you can join online classes which are less expensive.
4- If you firmly believe in your hard work and coaching classes may look like waste of time for you.
5- If you have good guidance and study material available , you can avoid taking coaching classes.

Final though- Coaching classes will only give you guidelines and study stuff, which is already available online , you only need to research it .

The final preparation is in your hand, success depends on your hard work. Coaching institutes can guide you, help you , tell you what to do, but the actual performer is you.

Minimize Use Social of Media.

  • Social media has become a part of our daily life, we can not leave it but we can minimize the use of social platform to save our time for study.
  • Normally we spends 1-5 hours daily in social platform in chit-chat which is not fruitful for the exam.
  • There are some good Pages, Groups in Facebook where some useful information can be hidden but you should not spend too much time there.
  • We have a tendency that we attract negative things quickly then lend some unusual windows and waste time there.
  • Time is very precious specially in ias exam preparation, there is very high competition for single post so you can not afford wasting time in these small things.

Believe in Your abilities.

  • At the last , you are the one who have to study and prepare hard for this exam, we can help you in achieving your goal.
  • Believe in your abilities, find out the true reason for the services, remember your strong points and focus on weak zone.
  • Follow your time-table and stay focused towards your success. Good Luck.
  • Ample guidelines and study material is available online & offline, you need not to spend lakhs of money, so think twice before joining these coaching institutes.

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