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By | May 10, 2018

1-UPSC Online-

UPSC Full Form-UPSC stands for UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION which is India’s premier central recruiting agency conducts civil services exams for various all india services and central services. It is also responsible for the¬†appointment, transfer, promotion and disciplinary matters related to these services.The headquarter of the UPSC is located in New Delhi.

UPSC conducts various exams and CSE is one of the most competitive exam in our country where more than a million aspirants apply each year and test their capabilities and few hundreds of them clear it. Civil Services is said to be one of the most difficult in India so clearing this exam is a dream for many youths .

You can clear CSE (IAS,IPS,IRS) exam with right strategies, best UPSC books and hard work. So lets know more about UPSC CSE exam pattern, its syllabus , preparation tips etc.

upsc online

upsc online

2-UPSC Online Forms-

UPSC online forms are easily available on its official website in the month of march to april every year. These are two months when UPSC issue notification for civil services exam. You have to apply for UPSC online and there is no offline registration method for this exam.

If you want apply for UPSC online , you can visit this link which will take you in the official website of the UPSC where two step registration process is available for aspirants.

3- UPSC Exam Pattern-

UPSC exam is conducted in three phases which are well known as Prelims , Mains and Interview. The very first stage is called Prelims which is also divided into two papers-

3.1-Prelims Paper-01 General Studies-

Prelims paper 1 which has 100 questions and each question carry 2 mark. Negative marking is applicable in both the prelims paper, so 1/3 of the marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. You will be given complete 3 hours to solve these question and clear it. Read more about UPSC Prelims Syllabus. UPSC Prelims Books.

Prelims paper -01 marks are very important in prelims exam because these marks will be counted for the prelims merit for mains selection. Prelims paper -02 which is CSAT marks are counted for qualifying purpose only.

3.2-Prelims Paper -02 CAST-

Prelims paper-02 is qualifying in nature , This paper consists questions from maths to english comprehension , reasoning etc. This paper is made to test your basic skill of these subjects so you need to score 33% marks in this paper to qualify prelims exam.

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3.3-UPSC Mains Exam-

Those aspirants who clear UPSC prelims exam write mains exam which is conducted in the months of october (it may change , check latest notification) . Last year data shows that more than 9 lakh aspirants apply for prelims exam and hardly 12000 were selected for UPSC Mains exam.

So you can estimate the difficult level of UPSC Prelims exam and prepare it accordingly. Successful aspirants write mains exam which consists of 9 papers. Read UPSC syllabus For Mains Exam papers in Details.

  • Indian language paper
  • English language paper
  • Essay
  • General studies-01
  • General studies-02
  • General Studies-03
  • General Studies-04
  • Optional-01
  • Optional-02

First two paper which are (language papers) qualifying in nature so its marks are not counted for Main merit list. You have to qualify these two paper and score high in the rest 7 papers to get a call for UPSC Interview. Past results shows that hardly 2500-3000 aspirants are called for UPSC Interview out of 12000 to 13000 aspirants. So prepare mains smartly and score high marks. Read Best Books for Mains in UPSC Online.

4-UPSC Online Registration-

Once you visit the official website of UPSC exam,you will have to go through registration process which is available in two steps. You must complete both the registration process carefully to complete your application form.


This is the first step of UPSC exam registration where you are asked to fill some of your details which includes your personal details like-Name , Fathers name , mothers name , age and category etc. Once you fill all the required details you have to select your examination centre where you will give exam.

Make sure that you give only those centre where UPSC can conduct exams , it will also mention in the form where you can choose any 4 places for the examination centre.

Note- The choice of the examination centre is given based on the availability of the seats and who apply early for these available seats. If you want your examination seat near your location , you are advised to apply online as early as possible.

Once the seats are filled , you may be send to other places for the exams which may be uncomfortable for you so try early.


This is the second step when you will have to submit your latest Photo and signature scanned in certain size which is fixed by UPSC in its notification. Once you upload all these information , you will have to pay some FEE which is around Rs-100 for the general category and exempted for some categories.

You can check when you will apply for UPSC exam online. Once you complete this process, you can check your details once again and edit it if anything finds wrong then submit it.

UPSC Online will send a SMS in your registered mobile number which will be your reference number for the download of UPSC admit card. try to save it or write in somewhere so that you can get it when in need. Once you complete your UPSC ONLINE registration process, you can resume your UPSC exam preparation.6-UPSC Online Study Material-

5-Download UPSC Syllabus (PDF)-

Now you are well aware of UPSC exam pattern, how to apply for UPSC Online in details so the next step is to know the UPSC exam syllabus. Knowing UPSC syllabus is the most important step in UPSC exam preparation. Preparing UPSC CSE exam without knowing its whole syllabus is directionless and it will never take you to success.

We have covered complete UPSC Syllabus in this article where each and every topic is well explained. You can download UPSC Syllabus PDF File From here.

The UPSC Syllabus for various papers is based on the UPSC official notification so you can prepare UPSC exam in much better way. You can also check the latest UPSC exam syllabus from its official website.

6-UPSC Online Study Material-

The best part of UPSC exam preparation is that you can prepare UPSC Online from your home. Due to change in the UPSC exam pattern, UPSC exam is more focussed on current affairs and daily events. UPSC is asking more and more question form current affairs and general studies subject.

An estimate shows that more than 80% of UPSC prelims questions are coming from Current affairs and most of them can be easily prepared from online sources like Websites, News , Newspapers , magazine etc.

6.1-UPSC Exam Books-

UPSC books are still the best source of preparation in UPSC exam. Selection of right kind of UPSC books is must to clear UPSC exam. There are hundreds of books on one subject and such a large number of books are the big confusion in the mind of aspirants.

So Aspirants end buying wrong books due to lack of awareness, we have made an exclusive list of best UPSC books for UPSC Prelims and mains exam.

There books are based on UPSC syllabus and suggested by UPSC topper every year so you can get hold of them to prepare UPSC exam in right way.Check it out now.

7-How To Approach UPSC Prelims-

As we know UPSC prelims exam is totally different from UPSC mains exam. The demand in prelims exam is more about facts and concepts . So you have to approach prelims exam in such a way that you cover all the section of prelims syllabus in details.

UPSC Prelims paper 1 cover complete general studies syllabus from current affairs to humanities subject, science, art & culture. It is not possible to read everything under the sun and memorise it but we can do selective reading which should be based on cost benefits strategy.

Suppose a subject has 5% questions weightage in the Prelims exam , we should give 5% time to this subject only and rest of the time should go to other subject which carry more marks.

More focus need to be give to current affairs because UPSC is asking more question from current affairs section. Daily newspaper reading is very help in current affairs preparation. The Hindi & Indian Express are two good english newspaper for current affairs preparation.

7.1-Note Making is Key-

Notes are the key in UPSC prelims exam preparation , UPSC syllabus is very large and to memorise it in very short time is very difficult so notes play very crucial role. Notes can be handy when you have to revise complete syllabus in last moment.

Notes can be made online or offline . Notes should be very precise and clear to understand then only it will benefits you in revision. Long notes are time consuming and boring in revision so avoid such type of notes.

7.2-Revision is the key to Success-

Revision is the key to success in the UPSC exam especially in prelims. Research shows that we forgot most of what we read in a week and more than 90% in a month if we do not revise. So revision helps us to memorise key facts which are useful in prelims exam.

Reading less and revising more is the key to success in nay exam , so 1-2 book / source are enough for one subject in upsc exam , no need to read 10 books on one topic. By following above strategy , you not only save enough time for other subject but also read important stuff based on upsc syllabus.

8-How To Approach UPSC mains-

UPSC mains exam is more about analytical & Basic understanding of the topics, as UPSC states that it test the basic understanding of the concept in UPSC exam. UPSC mains has 9 papers where 2 language papers are qualifying in nature and rest of 7 papers marks are counted for the final merit.

4 papers are general studies which covers almost all the subject from science to humanities, you need to prepare all as per UPSC syllabus. The best way to approach upsc mains exam it read UPSC syllabus first , note down the topics under each paper and then start preparing them individually.

Current affairs is very important in mains also so daily newspaper reading is must, you can not skip newspaper reading in upsc mains exam.

“Practice makes man perfect ” Solving previous year question papers is very helpful in knowing the level of question asked in the exam and also helps in practicing the exam papers.

8.1-Writing Practice is Key To Success In Mains-

UPSC mains exam is all about writing long and high quality answer in very limited time period. Answer writing practice is the only way to improve your speed and accuracy in the mains exam otherwise you will end-up leaving 2-5 question untouched.

If you do regular writing practice, you also improve your memorising ability so you can do wonder by following these key tips in UPSC exam.

8.2-Selection of Right Optional Subject is Important-

UPSC Mains has two optional paper as of now , (it may change in future) which carry 500 marks and also decisive in the final rank. If you have good command on any of the subject , you can score high marks and boost your mains score to new heights.

So select optional subject based on the following parameters which will help you score very good marks in the mains exam. There are some subject like Geography, public administration where every aspirants can score high marks if prepared properly so you to can try any one of them.

9-Prepare Interview Like This-

Interview call is always happy moment for everyone who is looking for a job and it becomes more enjoyable when you are called for UPSC Interview. The preparation for Interview in UPSC exam is little different then other job interviews.

In UPSC exam, Interview carry 275 marks which are deciding factor in your ranking in UPSC CSE. Single mark can change your ranking from IPS to IAS.

UPSC Interview is all about testing your suitability for the various group A & B posts by UPSC . So prepare as much as you can about yourself, your surroundings , your city, international happening or burning issues etc. Current affairs will help you in preparing some part of UPSC interview so be regular with newspaper.

These are some key areas where most of UPSC Interview Questions are asked-

  • Your Bio-data related question.
  • Family Profession related question.
  • About your home city, anything famous in your city.
  • Latest national & international heppening,
  • Some unexpected and surprising questions which you may never heard before,
  • Current affairs is the key in interview also.

10-Download UPSC Admit Card-

Once you fill UPSC registration form online, you get a registration number which is used to download UPSC admit card . The admit card can be downloaded from UPSC official website.

You just need to visit upsc official website and hit the download button for admit card. The admit card for UPSC CSE exam are issued just before UPSC Prelims exam so keep in touch.

Click here to download UPSC admit card online-Download Now

11-Download UPSC Results-

This is the most awaited time when UPSC announces its results. UPSC prelims results are issues just before UPSC mains exam. After prelims exam you can check your question with the the answer keys provided by coaching institutes to get an Idea otherwise you can start preparing for UPSC mains .

If you will wait for the official answer key it will take long time and you will not get enough time to prepare for mains exam. So the best way is to check your prelims answer key and prepare accordingly. The Official website for UPSC results –Click to Download.

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